Lists of references

I regularly found myself frustrated when attempting to recall where I had first encountered birding papers, notes etc. So much so that I began to maintain handy lists of references which are now available on this website. They cite papers, notes, letters, mystery bird solutions etc published in Dutch Birding, Birding World, Birdwatch and British Birds as well as many other relevant sources. With some exceptions they do not cite either published pictures, which I feel should be included in separate lists or content exclusive to the Web, which may be found using search engines. I hope that birders will find them useful from time to time.

The lists will be updated periodically and you can find the version number and date made available of each list on its index page. As far as possible I have attempted to keep typos and errors to a minimum however when you find more I would be grateful for corrections to be sent to

I would like to thank Dutch Birding for adding the lists to their website and the many photographers for allowing me use their pictures on the covers; Ross Ahmed, Paul Archer, Chris Batty, Dermot Breen, Mark Carmody, Graham Clarke, Polina Clarke, Dick Coombes, Kieran Fahy, Ashley Fisher, the late Martin Garner, Wietze Janse, Aidan G. Kelly, Paul & Andrea Kelly, Dominic Mitchell, Killian Mullarney, Michael O'Keeffe, Andy Paterson, Graham Prole, Tom Shevlin, Arnoud van den Berg & The Sound Approach and Alyn Walsh.

Joe Hobbs

Joe Hobbs' lists of references

20 maart 2011  ·  Joe Hobbs  ·  10100 × bekeken

Acrocephalus references
List of Acrocephalus with references
version 1.13 (March 2019)
Albatros references
List of Albatrosses with references
version 1.2 (March 2019)
Auks references
List of Auks with references
version 1.3 (November 2017)
Calidris references
List of Calidris waders with references
version 2.3 (Januaray 2019)
finches references
List of Finches with references
version 1.1 (August 2018)
fulmarine petrels references
List of Fulmarine petrels with references
version 1.1 (August 2017)
diver references
List of divers with references
version 1.5 (August 2018)
Harrier references
List of Harriers with references
version 1.4 (January 2019)
Gull references
List of Gulls Part 1 with references
version 1.4 (January 2019)
Gull references
List of Gulls Part 2 with references
version 1.4 (January 2019)
Larks references
List of Larks with references
version 1.4 (October 2018)
Locustella references
List of Locustella with references
version 2.9 (September 2017)
List of pipits with references
version 1.5 (February 2018)
Pterodroma references
List of Pterodroma Petrels with references
version 1.16 (March 2019)
Sandgrouse references
List of Sandgrouse with references
version 1.1 (August 2018)
Shearwater references
List of Shearwaters with references
version 1.10 (January 2018)
Shrikes references
List of Shrikes with references
version 1.3 (January 2019)
Skuas references
List of Skuas with references
version 1.3 (March 2019)
Storm-petrel references
List of Storm-petrels with references
version 1.8 (February 2019)
Storm-petrel references
List of Sylvia Warblers with references
version 2.10 (January 2019)
Tern references
List of Terns & Noddies with references
version 1.7 (January 2019)
Hippolais / Iduna references
List of Tree Warblers with references
version 1.2 (May 2018)
Tringa references
List of Tringa waders with references
version 1.4 (April 2018)
Wagtail references
List of Wagtails with references
version 1.7 (February 2018)
Wheatear references
List of Wheatears with references
version 1.2 (April 2018)

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