Pallas's Sandgrouse

Syrrhaptes paradoxus

Datum 21 mei 2023
Locatie Gobi Plateau - Mongolie
Fotograaf Henk Hendriks Henk Hendriks
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Rubén Barone  ·  11 juni 2023  21:40


Very nice photo of this interesting sandgrouse (I like a lot the different sandgrouse species). Congratulations. Did you use a hide to obtain the image?

Best regards from the Canaries. 

Henk Hendriks  ·  12 juni 2023  10:33


We recorded Pallas's Sandgrouse in the central steppe areas on 11 days during our 3 week trip to Mongolia. The species is not uncommon and once discovered on the ground can be very confidential when approached with caution. I took this photo from the car.

Rubén Barone  ·  19 juni 2023  15:24

Ok, thanks for the response.

Best regards from the Canaries. 

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