Amerikaanse Nachtzwaluw

Chordeiles minor  ·  Common Nighthawk

Datum 12 oktober 2020
Locatie Azores, Corvo
Fotograaf Massimiliano Dettori Massimiliano Dettori
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Diedert Koppenol  ·  25 oktober 2020  20:33

Cool Massimiliano! You still there or back in NL? Scored any other Nearctic beauties?

Massimiliano Dettori  ·  26 oktober 2020  07:57

hi Diedert, returned yesterday. Not  a big year for Corvo as well, less birders and winds not from right side...I had 3 WP ticks in my bag this year, with C. Nighthawk also Swainson's Thrush and Double-crested Cormorant. I cant complain ;-)

Max Berlijn  ·  7 november 2020  08:12

Als Kent kan......

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