Amerikaanse Fregatvogel

Fregata magnificens  ·  Magnificent Frigatebird

Datum 13 maart 2000
Locatie Boa Vista, Cape Verde Islands
Fotograaf Max Berlijn Max Berlijn
Bekeken 1695 ×


Max Berlijn  ·  3 augustus 2020  12:12, gewijzigd 3 augustus 2020  12:15

Dit is de laatste die ik kon vinden.. en in 2014 zat er blijkbaar on 1 paar?

Rubén Barone  ·  3 augustus 2020  12:28

Dear Max,

NIce photo. Unfortunately, as you know, this species is almost extinct in the Cape Verdes and the entire Western Palearctic as a breeding bird. I could see a female on Boavista in November 2010, during the birding tour of AviFauna (Sweden), and I know later there were some additional sightings in Curral Velho and Sal Rei. But in my first visit to Boavista, in October 1998, Frigatebirds were much more easy to find and I remember to watch at least 4-5 individuals, once even a pair constantly prospecting a beach for food during about an hour...

Best regards. 

Gerard van Aalst  ·  3 augustus 2020  19:51

In 2015 ben ik daar diverse keren wezen kijken, maar meer als 1 vrouw heb ik toen niet gezien. Zie waarneming:

Rubén Barone  ·  3 augustus 2020  22:33

HI again.

In March 2018, during a new tour of AviFauna, we visited twice the area of Curral Velho (last breeding site, in the islet) for several hours and we couldn't see any bird. We were informed that in the last years Frigatebirds have practically dissapeared from the area and probably from the entire island. For more information about the history and fate of the Frigatebirds in the Cape Verdes, see these references:

LÓPEZ SUÁREZ, P., C.J. HAZEVOET & L. PALMA (2012): Has the magnificent frigatebird Fregata magnificens in the Cape Verde Islands reached the end of the road? Zoologia Caboverdiana 3 (2): 82-86.

LÓPEZ SUÁREZ, P., N. VARO CRUZ, C.J. HAZEVOET & L.F. LÓPEZ JURADO (2005): Restricted nesting habitat and reproductive failure of Magnificent Frigatebirds Fregata magnificens in the Cape Verde Islands. Atlantic Seabirds 7 (3): 107-120 + photo in p. 106.

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