Bulwers Stormvogel

Bulweria bulwerii  ·  Bulwer's Petrel

Datum 18 juli 2020
Locatie Pelagic ten noorden van Tenerife
Fotograaf Eduard Sangster Eduard Sangster
Bekeken 1265 ×


Rubén Barone  ·  25 juli 2020  15:07

Very good photo, Eduard. You have been really lucky in the Canaries with many species, as you have obtained nice images of them...

Bulwer's Petrel is breeding in several rock stacks and small islets of Tenerife, and also in mainland (inaccesible marine cliffs). Many of the colonies are situated in the north of the island. The main conservation problems for the species are predation by feral cats and rats, light pollution and, probably, plastic debris. 

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