Bolles Laurierduif

Columba bollii  ·  Bolle's Pigeon

Datum 19 juli 2020
Locatie Erjos, Tenerife
Fotograaf Eduard Sangster Eduard Sangster
Bekeken 1719 ×


Rubén Barone  ·  24 juli 2020  14:00

Eduard, you have been very lucky. It's not easy to obtain good photos of this species in a short stay in the Canaries, like in your case. 

Leo JR Boon  ·  24 juli 2020  17:46

Way more easy to see perched  on La Palma.

Rubén Barone  ·  24 juli 2020  23:01

Dear Leo,

You're right. perhaps in La Palma it is more easy to obtain photos of this species. In Tenerife there are good populations e.g. in the Anaga massif, Monte del Agua and Ladera de Tigaiga, but even if the species is locally common, without a hide and patience it is very difficult to take good images of the pigeon. 

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