Sierlijke Stern

Sterna elegans  ·  Elegant Tern

Datum 25 mei 2019
Locatie Spain, Valencia
Fotograaf Massimiliano Dettori Massimiliano Dettori
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Max Berlijn  ·  27 mei 2019  20:11

I heard that this location holds about 5 Elegant Terns at the moment?  Also there are/were some pure breeding pairs?

Massimiliano Dettori  ·  27 mei 2019  21:31, gewijzigd 27 mei 2019  21:32

yes this year 5 adults have been seen together, I have seen 3 adults in Marjal dels Moros, maybe 4 according to my guide, they can recognized them as they are their  own kids :)  There are at least 6 pure adults that have been observed these last years, since 2006, DNA tested as well. They bred in Albufera, Marjal dels Moros or Valencia harbour, depends on the year and this year they are very close to be seen. I have a pdf file with the study of these micro population but I do not know how I can attach it here :)

Rob Bekebrede  ·  27 mei 2019  23:16

Hello Massimiliano, Is this a place/are these birds easy to find ? I hope to go to Spain in August and should be deligheted to see these birds over there.

Massimiliano Dettori  ·  28 mei 2019  04:10

hi Rob yes this year it's very easy to see them as they are breeding very close to a hide but according to the article published about this breeding couples they leave mid/end July and August might be late.

Lukasz Lawicki  ·  28 mei 2019  15:52

Hi Massimiliano, please send me this photo via email to the next WP reports. Thanks!

Jan van der Laan  ·  28 mei 2019  18:38

Hi Massimilliano, I very much appreciate your contributions, but it would be much more nice if you told us more, regarding things as travel, why you went, what the story is about the birds etc. I think all readers here would very much appreciate this. I would at least.

Massimiliano Dettori  ·  28 mei 2019  19:15

@Lukasz Lawicki: ok I will send few pics.

@Jan van der Laan: I am WP twitcher, this explains a lot I guess, I decided to go to Valencia after reading last issue of DB magazine where the Elegant Tern was mentioned, so I contacted a local guide to twitch it and I have been very lucky because this year they are breeding very close (previous ones were in a restricted area in Albufera and last year in a closed area in Valencia harbour.

Jan van der Laan  ·  28 mei 2019  22:01

Thanks M. Keep us informed on your twitches in the WP!

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