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Acanthis cabaret  ·  Lesser Redpoll

Datum 12 januari 2017
Locatie Malta
Fotograaf Natalino Fenech Natalino Fenech
Bekeken 4392 ×


Vincent van der Spek  ·  10 februari 2017  09:33

Great record Natalino!

On this picture it looks like a cabaret (and not a flammea) to me. It's not a grey-white-frosty bird like flammea, but it e.g. has a warm coloured cheek and breast, flanks, buffy edges on the greater coverts, warm brown back et cetera. Based on this single picture, my guess is that this is a Lesser Redpoll.

Kind regards,


Frank Neijts  ·  10 februari 2017  18:43

I agree with Vincent: Lesser Redpoll.

Geir Mobakken  ·  20 februari 2024  20:57

Lesser Redpoll.

Wietze Janse  ·  21 februari 2024  07:26

Hi Natalino, changed the name accordingly following above reactions, presuming you agree, else let me know

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