Grauwe Pijlstormvogel

Ardenna grisea  ·  Sooty Shearwater

Datum 16 september 2011
Locatie Botney Cut
Fotograaf Sander Lagerveld Sander Lagerveld
Bekeken 4846 ×


Rob van Bemmelen  ·  18 maart 2021  21:12

Abstract from a recent paper in Russian ornithology:

А dead male Short-tailed Shearwater was found on 25 June 2019 on the tundra 4 km away from the coast of the Knipovich Bay, northern Taimyr Peninsula (76°05′18′′ N, 98°26′29′′ E). It is the first record of this species in the western sector of the Russian Arctic.

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