Dutch Birding jaargang 35 nummer 6, 2013


Eastern Bonelli's Warbler  ·  Phylloscopus orientalis
Jos van den Berg

Artikelen / papers

357 - 379 Rare birds in the Netherlands in 2012
Arjan Ovaa, Dick Groenendijk, Marcel Haas, Max Berlijn & CDNA
380 - 383 Rosse Waaierstaart bij Camperduin in september 2013
Gert Ottens

Rufous-tailed Scrub Robin near Camperduin in September 2013

On 25-27 September 2013, a Rufous-tailed Scrub Robin Cercotrichas galactotes was present near Camperduin, Noord-Holland, near the Dutch North Sea coast. The bird stayed next to (and on) a farmyard surrounded by a reedy ditch, and was observed by an estimated 700 birders. Based on, eg, tail pattern and warm orange-brown upperparts, almost concolorous with the uppertail, it belonged to the (western) nominate subspecies C g galactotes. In northern Europe, the species is extremely rare, with records in Britain (8), Channel Islands (1), Finland (1), France (15), Germany (8+), Ireland (1), Norway (1) and Switzerland (2). Most records concern birds of the nominate race (as far as documented), with just a few records of the eastern subspecies (group) C g familiaris/syriacus. Most were recorded in September-October. This was the first record for the Netherlands.

Gert Ottens, Ganzebloem 14, 3983 CG Odijk, Nederland

384 - 385 Hooded Wheatear at Nestos delta, Greece, in May 2012 and status in Europe
Holger Bekel-Kastrup, Hajo Kobialka, Dirk Wegener & Enno B Ebels

Brieven / letters

386 Grey Partridge: comments on its phylogeography and phylogeny
Gerald J Oreel
387 Presumed second locality for Omani Owl
Pieter van Eijk

WP reports

388 - 406 Late September-late November 2013
Arnoud B van den Berg & Marcel Haas

Recente meldingen / recent reports

407 - 422 September-oktober 2013
Roy Slaterus, Vincent van der Spek & Martijn Renders

DB actueel

423 - 427 Oosterse Tortel (Meenatortel) op Schiermonnikoog [Rufous Turtle Dove]; Vale Gierzwaluwen in veelvoud [Pallid Swifts]


428 Betaling van abonnementsgeld voor 2014; Payment of subscription for 2014; Dutch Birding-vogeldag 2014