Dutch Birding jaargang 31 nummer 4, 2009


Pallid Swift  ·  Apus pallidus
Daniele Occhiato

Artikelen / papers

211 - 217 Broedgeval van vermoedelijke Noordse Kwikstaart bij Spaarndam in 2008
Roy Slaterus

Breeding of presumed Grey-headed Wagtail near Spaarn­dam in 2008

From 21 April 2008, a male Grey-headed Wagtail Motacilla thunbergi (or possibly a hybrid) was present near Spaarndam, Noord-Holland, the Nether­lands. During early May it appeared to be paired with a female \'yellow wagtail\', probably a Blue-headed Wagtail M flava. The identification of the male was based on its mostly dark grey upperhead, with a short, white supercilium behind the eye. The possibility that it was a hybrid could not be fully excluded; the rather wide supercilium (for Grey-headed), the pale lower part of the eye ring and only a few dark spots on the breast may have been indications of hybridization. The female had an obvious super­cilium, a white eye ring and pale spots on the ear coverts which suggested Blue-headed; however, the underparts appeared less yellowish than typical for that species. The pair raised at least two young and was last seen on 20 June. In 2009 the male returned - probably as early as 9 April - but it appeared to be unpaired. Previously, territorial males Grey-headed in the Netherlands were reported in 1975, 1977 (two), 1979 and 1994, but breeding was not documented in these cases. The species\' nearest breeding areas are situated c 700 km north of Spaarndam in southern Norway.

Roy Slaterus, Bervoetsbos 71, 2134 PM Hoofddorp, Nederland

218 - 222 Unidentified storm petrels off Puerto Montt, Chile, in February 2009
Jim Dowdall, Seamus Enright, Kieran Fahy, Jeff Gilligan, Gerard Lillie & Michael O’Keeffe
223 Masked Booby in Iran in April 2007
Raffael Ayé & Ibrahim Bayrami
224 - 225 Successful mixed breeding of Atlas Long-legged Buzzard and Common Buzzard on Pantelleria, Italy, in 2008
Andrea Corso
226 - 228 Siberische Taling in regio Amsterdam in mei 2006
Leon Edelaar

Baikal Teal in Amsterdam region in May 2006

On 18 May 2006, an adult male Baikal Teal Anas formosa was discovered late in the evening near Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, Noord-Holland, the Netherlands, and seen by c 15 birders. Next morning, it was gone but it was relocated on 21 May at Polder IJdoorn, Noord-Holland, c 15 km north-east of the first site. It was last seen here in the morning of 22 May and visited by 100+ birders. Both sites are flooded meadows with low water levels. Already on 14 May, probably the same male was reported at Langeraar, Zuid-Holland (15 km south-west of Ouderkerk aan de Amstel), but this sighting was submitted without sufficient documentation and could therefore not be accepted. The bird was unringed, had undamaged plumage and showed no aberrant behaviour. Identification was straight­forward and there were no indications of any hybrid influence. It was accepted by the Dutch rarities committee (CDNA) as the ninth record and the first since 1962. In recent years, several proven escapes have been reported in the Netherlands. In November 2005, a first-winter Baikal Teal was shot in Denmark. Stable isotope analysis of old and newly grown feathers of this bird showed that it almost certainly originated from Siberia, Russia. This record supports the CDNA policy to accept Baikal Teals that do not show rings, wing damage, hybrid plumage traits and/or aberrant behaviour as (possibly) wild birds.

Leon Edelaar, Guyotte van IJsselsteinlaan 32, 1934 GN Egmond aan den Hoef, Nederland

229 Current status of Yellow-browed Warbler on Mount Kinabalu, Borneo, Malaysia, in winter
Laurens Steijn
230 Status and distribution of Oriental White-eye in Iran
Mark Zekhuis & Maysam Ghasemi

Aankondigingen & verzoeken / announcements & requests

231 Cotingas and manakins – a request for photographs


232 - 246 Albatrosses and penguins of New Zealand and Australian subantarctic islands
Otto Plantema
247 - 251 Algerian Nuthatch: a photographic trip
David Monticelli & Vincent Legrand

WP reports

252 - 258 June–late July 2009
Arnoud B van den Berg & Marcel Haas

Recente meldingen / recent reports

259 - 266 Mei–juni 2009
Roy Slaterus & Vincent van der Spek

DB actueel

267 - 269 Grijze Wouw brengt bliksembezoek aan Alblasserwaard [Black-winged Kite]; Brown Fish Owl in Turkey and first breeding record for WP

DBA nieuws

270 Laurens Steijn als bestuurslid opgevolgd door Han Zevenhuizen; Dutch Birding-vogellijn: een tijd van komen en een tijd van gaan