21 juni 2008

Dutch Birdingadvertisement rates

Dutch Birding is a bilingual journal (partly English, partly Dutch with English summaries).


Dutch Birding magazine Appears 6x a year

 Closing datesAppears during the first week of
No.11 JanuaryFebruary
No.21 MarchApril
No.31 MayJune
No.41 JulyAugust
No.51 SeptemberOctober
No.61 NovemberDecember

Dutch Birding Association, Postbus 75611, 1070 AP Amsterdam.

Printed by
Drukkerij robstolk, Mauritskade 55, 1092 AD Amsterdam, telefoon: +31-020-6684246; fax: +31-020-6685929.

Type area
140 millimeter x 210 millimeter.

Printing method

Advertisement rates 2015 (excl. 21% BTW)
(w=width / h=height in millimeters)

1/1 pag. (140 x 210)EUR27551574585511151275
1/2 pag. (140 x 100)EUR175340485555730835
1/4 pag. (65 x 100)EUR120230330375495560
1/8 pag. (65 x 42)EUR75145205235315355

We like to receive your advertisment per e-mail as pdf or jpg (high resolution: 300 dpi).


Rates for inclusion of printed and prefolded leaflets: EUR 405.00 (plus possible extra mailing- and
handling costs).

Add your banner to the Dutch Birding website

Your banner can be placed on the following websites: WWW.DUTCHBIRDING.NL or WWW.DUTCHBIRDALERTS.NL. You can provide us with your preferences for the location of your banner.
We will do our utmost to meet your preferences, however we are committed to maintain current agreements. The final location will be communicated with you before placing your banner online.
Dutch Birding will not accept any liability if your preferences will not be met.

As of 01-01-2015 the price of a banner on or

HomepageEUR 110,-per month
Blog, picture and sound galleryEUR 95,-per month
Other pagesEUR 85,-per month

The size of banners for the centre column of the site is 468x60px and for the rightside column 190x110px

For further information, please send an e-mail to:

Debby Doodeman