Dutch Birding jaargang 29 nummer 2, 2007


White-throated Sparrow  ·  Zonotrichia albicollis
Hugh Harrop

Artikelen / papers

79 - 82 Amerikaanse Bosruiter bij Wissenkerke in mei 2006
Mark Hoekstein & Enno B Ebels

Solitary sandpiper at Wissenkerke in May 2006

On 14-17 May 2006, a first-summer nominate Solitary Sandpiper Tringa solitaria solitaria stayed near Wissenkerke, Zeeland, the Netherlands. It was identified as the nominate subspecies mainly based on the prominent loral stripe. This is the first record for the Netherlands. In Europe, there are at least 38 records of which only very few were in spring or in the mainland.

Mark Hoekstein, \'s Heerhendrikskinderendijk 60, 4461 DX Goes, Nederland
Enno B Ebels, Joseph Haydnlaan 4, 3533 AE Utrecht, Nederland

83 - 90 Iberische Tjiftjaffen in Nederland Roy Slaterus
Roy Slaterus

Iberian Chiffchaffs in the Netherlands

In the spring of 1967, the first Iberian Chiffchaff Phylloscopus ibericus for the Netherlands stayed at Baarn, Utrecht. Back then, it was regarded as a subspecies (\'brehmii\') of Common Chiffchaff P collybita. By 2006, 18 records have been accepted for the Netherlands. In this paper, information is given about their occurrence, identification, vocalizations, behaviour and habitat. None of the records has been published before, other than in the annual rarities reports of the Dutch rarities committee (CDNA). Most birds were found between 27 April and 10 May in forests and parks. Many were present for more than a month. All were first identified by their distinctive song. Characteristic was a rather short song phrase, made up of short rising and falling notes followed by a simple rattle. Other song phrases were noted as well, especially longer series lacking the typical rattle. Then, the difference with Common Chiffchaff can be less obvious. Apart from sound-recordings of these song phrases the pre-1994 records are documented with little else. Few photographs are available and descriptions of plumage and structure are most often lacking. The record of 1986 is not even documented with a sound-recording, but only with a description of the song. Many of the recent records, however, are accompanied by photographs, video footage and sound-recordings. Reason for this is undoubtedly the increase of interest among birdwatchers now that this taxon is regarded as a full species. Three birds in 2001 and 2004 have been heard calling, a downward inflected siu. This call is very different from calls of Common Chiffchaff and forms a useful identification tool. Compared to sound-recordings made in the Spanish Pyrenees in June 1999, the vocalizations of the Dutch birds are very similar. Chiffchaffs performing odd song phrases have been recorded occasionally. Probably, these are mostly first-year birds which have yet to crystallise their song. They can be hard to identify. Also mixed singers, as known from a small contact zone in the Pyrenees, might be hard to identify. Ideally, the documentation of an out-of-range Iberian Chiffchaff should therefore include sound-recordings of the variety of song phrases and the distinctive call. Subtle differences in plumage and structure can also be noted. These include a relatively long tail, wing and bill, as well as bright plumage coloration and well-marked supercilium. In the hand, biometric differences can be found in the wing formula (but none of the Dutch birds has been trapped).

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Roy Slaterus, Reitzstraat 99, 2021 TR Haarlem, Nederland

91 Barnacle Goose in Golestan, Iran, in January 2007
Erik Winkel & Edwin de Weerd
92 - 93 Two specimens of Red-necked Stint from Iran collected in July 1941
Guy M Kirwan
94 Flock of 14 Relict Gulls in southern Russia and north-western Kazakhstan in May 2000
Vladimir V Piskunov & A N Antonchikov
95 - 96 Moult sequence in second calendar-year Baltic Gull at Amsterdam in May 2006
Ruud G M Altenburg, Bert-Jan Luijendijk, Mars J M Muusse & Theo O V Muusse

CDNA mededelingen

97 Recente CDNA-besluiten
Laurens B Steijn & Roland E van der Vliet

DBA nieuws

98 Smoelenboek gepresenteerd; Dutch Birding-vogeldag in De Werelt op 17 maart 2007


99 Corrigenda
Redactie Dutch Birding

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99 - 100 The birds of Mauritania; Syria check-list in preparation; Website on identification of Heuglin’s Gull in western Europe; Jaaroverzichten op dvd; Year reviews 2006 on DVD


101 - 103 Flame Bowerbird
Otto Plantema & Vincent van der Spek

Masters of mystery

104 - 105 Solutions of first round 2007: Black-headed Heron and Common Bulbul; Second round 2007
Rob S A van Bemmelen, Dick Groenendijk & Jan Eerbeek

WP reports

106 - 118 late January-February 2007
Arnoud B van den Berg

Recente meldingen / recent reports

119 - 130 Nederland: januari-februari 2007
Ruud M van Dongen, Remco Hofland & Peter W W de Rouw
131 - 134 België: januari-februari 2007
Gerald Driessens

DB actueel

135 - 138 Mongoolse Pieper doet poging te overwinteren bij Woerden [BLYTH’S PIPIT]; De Vale Braamsluiper van Groningen [SIBERIAN LESSER WHITETHROAT]; Steppekieviten in Syrië en Turkije [SOCIABLE LAPWINGS]