Dutch Birding jaargang 28 nummer 1, 2006


Tristram's Warbler  ·  Sylvia deserticola
Daniele Occhiato

Artikelen / papers

1 - 6 1 Phenology and identification of Atlas and Iberian Pied Flycatchers
Arnoud B van den Berg & The Sound Approach
7 - 10 Killdeerplevier bij Rottige Meente in april 2005
Ruud-Jelle van der Leij & Enno B Ebels

Killdeer at Rottige Meente in April 2005
On 3-5 April 2005, a Killdeer Charadrius vociferus stayed near Rottige Meente, Friesland/Overijssel, the Netherlands. It was easily identified by its large size (for a Charadrius plover), long tail, long wings with prominent white wing bar, double black breast band, orange or cinnamon-coloured rump and uppertail and high-pitched, rising, two-toned call. Judging from the worn coverts, it was considered a first-winter bird. It constitutes the first record for the Netherlands.

Ruurd-Jelle van der Leij, Hoofdweg 158, 8474 CL Oldeholtpade, Nederland
Enno B Ebels, Joseph Haydnlaan 4, 3533 AE Utrecht, Nederland

11 - 14 Grijze Gors op Rottumerplaat in mei 2004
Rommert Cazemier

Rock Bunting on Rottumerplaat in May 2004
On 30 May 2004, a male Rock Bunting Emberiza cia was seen by three observers on Rottumerplaat, Groningen, the Netherlands. The bird was seen in bushes and in flight several times but was very mobile; it could not be photographed. The description excludes similar bunting species that could occur as escapes. The white wing-bar indicates that the bird belonged to the nominate subspecies E c cia. The small island is not accessible to the public and is only \'inhabited\' by the two wardens and occasional guests; the bird was therefore not \'twitchable\'.
This is the first record for the Netherlands. Previous records in north-western Europe north of Belgium and Germany are from Britain (4), Denmark (1) and Sweden (5) (see table 1).

Rommert Cazemier, Oostenstein 44, 9291 GR Kollum, Nederland

15 - 18 Broedgeval van Wilde Zwaan bij Wapse in voorjaar 2005
Harvey van Diek

Whooper Swans breeding near Wapse in spring 2005
In spring 2005, a pair of Whooper Swans Cygnus cygnus bred in a peat bog near Wapse, Drenthe, the Netherlands. The birds were seen mating on 12 April. Later in April, a bird was seen on its nest. The nest contained five eggs, of which four hatched between 20 and 23 May. On 30 May, one young was missing and, in subsequent weeks, the other three disappeared as well (one was found dead); the cause of death is unknown. The adults stayed in the area until 24 July and returned between 15 and 18 October 2005. This is the first documented breeding record for the Netherlands; there is no evidence that the species bred at any time in past centuries. There are no indications that the birds were escapes or injured.

Harvey van Diek, Prins Willem Alexanderstraat 53, 6576 BL Ooij, Nederland

19 - 20 First-winter Caspian Gull off Gijón, Spain, in September 2005
José Luis Copete, Daniel López Velasco & Rafael Armada
21 - 23 Two River Terns in Golestan, Iran, in January 2005
Erik Foekens & Jaap Schelvis
24 Little Swift breeding at new site in southern Spain
Willem-Jan Fontijn
25 Roodstuitzwaluw met afwijkend ruipatroon bij Doornenburg en Groessen in april 2005
Rik Winters

Red-rumped Swallow with aberrant moult pattern in Gelderland in April 2005
On 5-6 and 16-17 April 2005, a Red-rumped Swallow Cecropis daurica showing worn flight-feathers was observed at two sites close to each other in Gelderland, the Netherlands. On 16-17 April, the bird appeared to have shed its inner primaries. As far as known, this was the first example of spring primary moult in this species for Europe.

Rik Winters, Aquamarijnstraat 60, 9743 RB Groningen, Nederland


26 - 28 Naamgeving van taxa in Dutch Birding
29 Corrigenda

Aankondigingen & verzoeken

30 Belgische Vogeldag op 25 februari 2006; Swift photographs requested

Recensies / reviews

30 Birds of Western Africa by Nik Borrow & Ron Demey Callan Cohen & Michael Mills

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31 The grail bird. Hot on the trail of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker
Tim Gallagher John van der Woude & Jan van der Laan
32 Where the birds are in northeast Spain
Steve West André J van Loon
32 Birds new to Britain 1980-2004
Adrian Pitches & Tim Cleeves Gert Ottens
33 Everything you always wanted to know about birds …but were afraid to ask
Stephen Moss André J van Loon

Masters of mystery

33 - 37 Solutions of sixth round 2005: Grey Wagtail and Eastern Crowned Warbler; First round 2006
Rob S A van Bemmelen & Dick Groenendijk

WP reports

38 - 54 late November 2005-early January 2006
Arnoud B van den Berg & Marcel Haas

Recente meldingen / recent reports

55 - 63 Nederland: november-december 2005
Ruud M van Dongen, Klaas Haas & Peter W W de Rouw
64 - 68 België: november-december 2005
Gerald Driessens