Rare Birds in The Netherlands in 2003

1 december 2004  ·  15969 × bekeken

Roland E van der Vliet, Jan van der Laan & CDNA

This is the 24th annual report on rare birds in the Netherlands to be published in Dutch Birding. This report comprises records from 2003 as well as belated and reconsidered records, dating back to 1911, which have been evaluated by the Dutch rarities committee, the Commissie Dwaalgasten Nederlandse Avifauna (CDNA). Several 2003 records are still under review or awaiting submission and could therefore not be included. In addition, some records for 2002 and earlier years are still under consideration for various reasons.
Details included for each accepted record are, if available: date(s); location and/or municipality (municipal divisions as on 1 January 2003); province; number of birds if more than one, plumage and sex; type of record if trapped, photographed, sound-recorded, videoed or found dead (and where specimen is stored); names of up to three observers involved in finding, identifying and recording, and relevant references in the literature, which normally include (inter-)national but not regional journals, and published photographs. Records from 2002 of birds staying until 2003 that were already published in the 2002 report (van der Vliet et al 2003) are repeated here without references, for the sake of completeness. Observations not (yet) submitted mentioned in the 2002 report are not repeated in this report and the CDNA recommends consulting the 2002 report for these. Sequence of the records in the species accounts is from the current year backwards, with records within one year presented chronologically. A compilation of most of the birds videoed can be found in Plomp et al (2004). Numbers after each (sub)species' name refer to the total number of individuals 1 from 1 January 1800 to 31 December 1979, 2 since 1 January 1980 but excluding 3 the current year. Taxa marked with an asterisk * are new to the Dutch list.
The following CDNA members voted on some or all of the records in this report: Theo Bakker, Max Berlijn, Ruud E Brouwer, A (Bert) de Bruin (secretary), Nils van Duivendijk (archivist), Teus J C Luijendijk, Roland E van der Vliet (chairman) and Pim A Wolf. Records can be submitted through email (cdna@dutchbirding.nl) or via the CDNA site on the Dutch Birding website (www.dutchbirding.nl), using an electronic submission form. Records can also be sent by ordinary mail to CDNA, Postbus 45, 2080 AA Santpoort-Zuid, the Netherlands, preferably using standard forms which can be obtained free of charge from the CDNA. On the website, it is possible to see which records are currently under review, which were recently accepted and which were rejected.
Decisions regarding taxonomy have been delegated to the Dutch committee for avian systematics, the Commissie Systematiek Nederlandse Avifauna (CSNA) which on 1 January 2004 consisted of the following members: Arnoud B van den Berg, André J van Loon, C S (Kees) Roselaar and George Sangster (secretary).
In 2003, at least 358 species were recorded. Of these, no less than four were new to the Dutch list: Canvasback Aythya valisineria, Audouin's Gull Larus audouinii, Blue Rock Thrush Monticola solitarius and Trumpeter Finch Bucanetes githagineus (a fifth, orphean warbler Sylvia hortensis/crassirostris has not yet been submitted). In addition, four subspecies potentially new to the Dutch list observed in 2003 are also still in circulation: Eastern Black Redstart Phoenicurus ochruros phoenicuroides, Desert Whitethroat Sylvia curruca minula, African Chaffinch Fringilla coelebs africana/spodiogenys (including a report from 1999) and Hornemann's Redpoll Carduelis hornemanni hornemanni. The four new species already make 2003 one of the best years ever as far as new taxa for the Dutch list are concerned. Also two new additions to the Dutch list reported in 2001 and 2002 and mentioned in the 2002 report were accepted: Lammergeier Gypaetus barbatus (the first record of a bird of presumed wild origin) and Wilson's Storm-petrel Oceanites oceanicus (for 2002, Elegant Tern Sterna elegans and Eurasian Pygmy Owl Glaucidium passerinum are still in circulation, as is, for 1997, a previously rejected Oriental Pratincole Glareola maldivarum which is being reviewed). Additional highlights from 2003 are the third White-throated Robin Irania gutturalis, the fourth Baird's Sandpiper Calidris bairdii and the fourth Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler Locustella certhiola, the fifth Lesser Scaup A affinis, record numbers of Terek Sandpiper Xenus cinereus, Red-rumped Swallow Hirundo daurica, Melodious Warbler Hippolais polyglotta and Dusky Warbler Phylloscopus fuscatus, good numbers of Squacco Heron Ardeola ralloides and Hume's Leaf Warbler P humei(equalling previous best years) and the first breeding record of Greenish Warbler P trochiloides. An interesting record from earlier years is the second Baltic Gull L fuscus fuscus, in 2002.
2003 was the last year for which reports were considered of Eurasian Eagle Owl Bubo bubo, Cetti's Warbler Cettia cetti, (nominate) Woodchat Shrike Lanius senator senator, House Crow Corvus splendens and Little Bunting Emberiza pusilla. Eurasian Eagle Owl and House Crow (and possibly also Cetti's Warbler) have become regular though localized breeding birds.
The reviews of Subalpine Warbler S cantillans (to establish the subspecies involved) and black-eared wheatear Oenanthe hispanica/melanoleuca (to establish the taxon involved) have (largely) been completed and the results are presented in this report. Reviews still in progress involve records of Whistling Swan Cygnus columbianus, Booted Warbler Acrocephalus caligatus (to establish if Sykes's Warbler A rama may have been involved), Siberian Chiffchaff P collybita tristis and Yellow-headed Blackbird Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus (regarding identification as well as status).

Systematic list of accepted records

Ross's Goose / Ross' Gans
Anser rossii 0,5,0

14 January to 27 April, Plaat van Scheelhoek, Goedereede, Zuid-Holland (Berlijn 2004), and 19 May to 2 June, Slijkplaat, Hellevoetsluis, Zuid-Holland, and Haringvliet, Oostflakkee, Zuid-Holland, adult, white morph, at nest, photographed (Berlijn 2004, Meininger 2004; Dutch Birding 26: 113, plate 171, 2004); 17 January to 12 February, Stinkgat and Rammegors, Tholen, Zeeland, adult, white morph, photographed (Berlijn 2004; Dutch Birding 26: 102, plate 162, 2004); 25-30 December, Korendijkse Slikken, Korendijk, Zuid-Holland, and Stinkgat, Tholen, Zeeland, adult, white morph, photographed (R J Kastelijn, J Kastelijn).
2002 23 November to 3 January, Korendijkse Slikken, Korendijk, Zuid-Holland, adult, white morph (Berlijn 2004).
All sightings relate to returning birds. A report at Durgerdam, Noord-Holland, on 22 April has not (yet) been submitted (cf van Dongen et al 2003). For a discussion of the vagrancy potential of this Nearctic species, see van den Berg (2004).

Greenland White-fronted Goose / Groenlandse Kolgans
Anser albifrons flavirostris 14,44,9

18 January, Aijen, Bergen, Limburg, first-winter, photographed (J J F J Jansen, P Palmen); 9 February, Slochteren, Groningen, two, adult, photographed (M Jonker, W Hartholt, D Brinkhuizen; Dutch Birding 25: 143, plate 139, 2003); 9 March, Garrelsweer, Loppersum, Groningen, two, adult (M P Olthoff, A de Bruin, B-J Prak et al); 22-24 March, Vinkeveen, De Ronde Venen, Utrecht, adult (C J Barth et al); 7 to 25 December, Westerkolk, and 27 December, Kadijksweg, Texel, Noord-Holland, three, adult, photographed (M C Witte, A Wassink, P Duin et al; Dutch Birding 26: 69, plate 123, 2004).
Several other reports heve not (yet) been submitted (cf van Dongen et al 2003, 2004).

Hutchins's Canada Goose / Hutchins' Canadese Gans
Branta hutchinsii hutchinsii 0,5,0

Several reports remain in circulation, including a well-watched bird near Doniaburen, Friesland, from 17 December into January 2004 (cf van Dongen et al 2003; Dutch Birding 26: 71, plate 130, 2004).

* Canvasback / Grote Tafeleend
Aythya valisineria 0,0,1

9 January to 5 March, Castricum aan Zee, Castricum, Noord-Holland, adult male, photographed, videoed (C Reijnders, T Reijnders, P Koken et al; Reijnders 2003, Reijnders & Ebels 2004; Birdwatch 12 nr 128: 62, 2003, Dutch Birding 25: 74, plate 60-61, 133, plate 121, 140, plate 133, 2003, 26: 181, plate 249, 182, plate 250-252, 2004, Birding World 16: 10, 2003, 17: 23, 2004).
The first record for the European mainland. Exclusion of hybrids with Common Pochard A ferina is the main task for a rarities committee considering this species.

Ring-necked Duck / Ringsnaveleend
Aythya collaris 5,15,1

12-19 January, Hardenberg, Overijssel, adult male, photographed, videoed (H Derks, P Knolle, P Koken et al; Birding World 16: 56, 2003, Dutch Birding 25: 140, plate 134, 2003).
A male reported at Windesheim, Overijssel, on 7 March has not (yet) been submitted (cf van Dongen et al 2003).

Ring-necked x Tufted Duck / Ringsnaveleend x Kuifeend
Aythya collaris x fuligula 0,3,2

9-19 February, Haarrijnse Plas, Vleuten, Utrecht, Utrecht, adult male, photographed, videoed (H R Russer, P Koken, E B Ebels et al); 22 March, Bouxweerd, Haelen, Limburg, adult male, photographed (D Meeuwissen, M Berlijn, I Meeuwissen et al).

Lesser Scaup / Kleine Topper
Aythya affinis 0,4,1

19-24 February, Zuiderdiep, Dirksland, and Haringvliet, Middelharnis, Zuid-Holland, adult male, photographed, videoed (M Berlijn, A van der Giessen, E B Ebels et al; Berlijn 2003; Birding World 16: 105, 2003, Dutch Birding 25: 141, plate 136, 143, plate 142, 150, plate 152-153, 2003).
The fifth record. Other records were in 1994-1995, 1996, 1999-2000 and 2002, all involving males.

White-headed Duck / Witkopeend
Oxyura leucocephala 5,8,1

20-23 November, Dijkswater, and 24-25 November, Prunjepolder, Schouwen-Duiveland, Zeeland, first-year, photographed, videoed (P A Wolf, M Berlijn, M van Dijl et al; Dutch Birding 26: 71, plate 128, 2004).
The 14th individual. Others were in 1851, 1874, 1955-56 (two), 1965, 1985, 1987, 1988-89, 1989, 1991, 1991-92, 1996 and 1998. All records fall between November and April. Remarkably, the records from 1956, 1965, 1987 and 1998 are from the same location near Amsterdam, Noord-Holland. The pattern of records points towards genuine vagrancy but in Britain, for example, all records up to now are relegated to Category D.

King Eider / Koningseider
Somateria spectabilis 1,9,1

31 May to 1 June, 31 August and 7 September, Scheveningen, Den Haag, and Monster, Zuid-Holland, adult male (in eclipse plumage on 31 August and 7 September), photographed (M de Lange, V van der Spek, J Ruinaard et al; Dutch Birding 25: 278, plate 314, 350, plate 396, 2003).

Surf Scoter / Brilzee-eend
Melanitta perspicillata 3,9,1

22 April, Zuidpier, IJmuiden, Velsen, Noord-Holland, adult male (F van Groen).
This species is still one of the grand prizes for Dutch seawatchers. This is the ninth record and 13th individual. Other records were in November 1914, November 1965, April 1966, April 1982, November-December 1982, November 1987, December 1988 and November-December 2000 (maximum of five).

Falcated Duck / Bronskopeend
Mareca falcata 0,6,1

23 December to 22 May 2004, Harlingen, and Surch (Zurich) and Koarnwert (Cornwerd), Wûnseradiel, Friesland, male, photographed, videoed (S Bernardus, R Cazemier, E B Ebels et al; Dutch Birding 26: 71, plate 127, 2004).
The seventh record; all concern males.

American Wigeon / Amerikaanse Smient
Mareca americana 5,36,2

5-14 April, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, Ouder-Amstel, Noord-Holland, adult male, photographed, videoed (P-P Boermans, M Berlijn, R van Dijk et al; Dutch Birding 25: 196, plate 210, 2003); 5 December, Hoogkerk, Groningen, Groningen, adult male, photographed (M P Olthoff, T Bakker, E B Ebels et al).
Several reports from 2003 and also from 2000 and 2002 are still in circulation; two reports have not (yet) been submitted (cf van Dongen et al 2003): Haarrijnse Plas, Utrecht, on 18 February (female) and Callantsoog, Noord-Holland, on 11 May.

Green-winged Teal / Amerikaanse Wintertaling
Anas carolinensis 6,25,1

7-17 March, Prunjepolder, Schouwen-Duiveland, Zeeland, male, photographed (S J Lilipaly, W van Rijswijk et al).

* Wilson's Storm-petrel / Wilsons Stormvogeltje
Oceanites oceanicus 0,1,0

2002 7 November, Westkapelle, Veere, Zeeland (S J Lilipaly, M Hoekstein, P A Wolf et al; Hoekstein et al 2002).
This is the species' first record from land anywhere in the North Sea (cf Kitching 2002). The bird was seen well at a distance of as close as 300-400 m for c 4 min by four observers; a Leach's Storm-petrel Oceanodroma leucorhoa was seen one hour later, allowing comparison of plumage and flight style (Hoekstein et al 2003). Together with 'soft-plumaged petrel' Pterodroma feae/madeira/mollis and White-throated Needletail Hirundapus caudacutus this is presently the only species on the Dutch list not documented by photographs or museum specimens.

Pygmy Cormorant / Dwergaalscholver
Phalacrocorax pygmeus 0,3,1

1-26 March, Eijsderbeemden, Eijsden, Limburg, adult moulting to summer plumage, photographed, videoed (P van Engelshoven, B Gaxiola, M van Dijl et al; van Engelshoven et al 2003; Birding World 16: 103, 2003, 17: 22, 2004, Dutch Birding 25: 131, plate 112, 151, plate 154-155, 196, plate 209, 2003, Birdwatch 12 nr 131: 62, 2004).
This bird was also seen across the border near Visé and Liège, Liège, as the second for Belgium. The other Dutch records are from January 1999, June 1999 and May 2000.

Squacco Heron / Ralreiger
Ardeola ralloides 25 (since 1866),26,6

20 May, Westervoort, Gelderland, adult, summer plumage (H Derks); 9 June, Ezumakeeg, Dongeradeel, Friesland, two, adult, summer plumage, photographed (M P Olthoff, W-J B Fontijn, R Janssen et al; Dutch Birding 25: 274, plate 302, 2003); 24 June, Ezumakeeg, Dongeradeel, Friesland, adult, summer plumage (R Cazemier); 6 July, De Horde, Lopik, Utrecht, adult, summer plumage (A H Boele); 7-10 July, Oud-Alblas, Graafstroom, Zuid-Holland, adult, summer plumage, photographed (M Berlijn, W van Rijswijk, L B Steijn et al; Dutch Birding 25: 349, plate 390, 2003).
Another good year, equalling the six of 2002. As in 2002, two individuals were seen together, raising speculations about possible (future) breeding. Several reports have not (yet) been submitted: Buitenpost, Friesland, on 3 June; Aldeboarn (Oldeboorn), Friesland, on 5 June; Quackjeswater, Zuid-Holland, on 7-15 June; Oostvaardersplassen, Flevoland, on 12 June; and Rhenoy, Gelderland, on 7 July (cf van Dongen et al 2003).

Cattle Egret / Koereiger
Bubulcus ibis 33,65,-

1983 16 September, Vijfhoek, Diemen, Noord-Holland (F Vogelzang).
This species is no longer considered from 1 January 1997 onwards.

* Lammergeier / Lammergier
Gypaetus barbatus 0,1,0

2002 2 June, Castricum, and 2-4 June, De Slufter and Eierlandse Duinen, Texel, Noord-Holland, third-calendar year, photographed, videoed (R van Ouwerkerk, R Vermoolen, A Wassink et al; Ebels 2002; Dutch Birding 24: 192, plate 169, 235, plate 191, 246, plate 208 & 210, 2002, 26 (2): cover, 2004).
This is the first record of an individual without visible markings indicating that the bird was released for re-introduction and not bred in the wild; therefore, it was accepted onto the Dutch list as a (presumed) wild bird. There are no direct indications that it originated from the Alps, where wild-bred young now fly freely after successful re-introductions. It could therefore originate from Spain - where numbers have steadily increased since the 1970s - or from even further afield. A paper is in preparation for Dutch Birding. A report at Bargerveen, Drenthe, on 24 May, has not (yet) been submitted (cf van Dongen et al 2003).

Eurasian Griffon Vulture / Vale Gier
Gyps fulvus 9,53,2

3-19 June, De Wijk, De Wolden, Drenthe, maximum of two (on 4 June), photographed, videoed (P van Wette, R Jansen, R van Dijk et al; van Dijl 2003c; Birding World 16: 232, 2003, Birdwatch 12 nr 134: 62, 2003, Dutch Birding 25: 273, plate 301, 285, plate 322, 2003).
2001 22 May, Zaltbommel, Gelderland, photographed (C de Kock).
One of the birds at De Wijk stayed for more than two weeks around a breeding station of White Storks Ciconia ciconia and predated on recently hatched stork chicks. A report at Hitzum, Friesland, on 1 June has not (yet) been submitted (cf van Dongen et al 2003).

Short-toed Eagle / Slangenarend
Circaetus gallicus 3,12,2

7 June to 1 August, Fochteloërveen, Noordenveld/ Ooststellingwerf, Drenthe/Friesland, immature, probably second calendar-year, photographed, videoed (W Janse, R Olivier, P Palmen et al; Birding World 16: 277, 2003, Dutch Birding 25: 275, plate 303, 2003); 2 August to 6 September, De Hamert, Arcen en Velden, Limburg, second calendar-year, photographed(W Scheres, R Schols et al; Birding World 16: 373, 2003, Dutch Birding 25: 345; plate 384-385, 346, plate 387, 2003).
The bird at Fochteloërveen was much paler than a second calendar-year present at the same site in 2002; even if aged as a third calendar-year, it would be a different individual, because birds of the species become darker with age (cf Forsman 1999). A report of a second bird on 21 June remains unconfirmed. Several other reports have not (yet) been submitted (cf van Dongen et al 2003): Vierhuizen, Groningen, on 10 May; at Hoge Veluwe, Gelderland, from 9 June to 18 July (two from 20 June); Katwijk aan Zee, Zuid-Holland, on 26 June; Brabantse Biesbosch, Noord-Brabant, on 24 July; Maasdam, Zuid-Holland, on 4 August; Maasvlakte, Zuid-Holland, on 5 August; Leersumse Veld, Utrecht, on 11 August; near Uden, Noord-Brabant, on 13 September; and Westbroek, Utrecht, on 23 September. A report at Oostvaardersplassen, Flevoland, in September has recently been submitted. Another report from 2001 is still in circulation.

Pallid Harrier / Steppekiekendief
Circus macrourus 5,14,4

16 April, Eemshaven-Oost, Eemsmond, Groningen, adult male, photographed (B-J Prak, E Koops, P Pepers et al; Birding World 16: 148, 2003, Dutch Birding 25: 196, plate 213-214, 2003); 21 April, Breskens, Sluis, Zeeland, third calendar-year male, photographed (J Lerclercq, N Selosse, G Bakker et al; Dutch Birding 25: 196, plate 211-212, 2003); 25 April, Eemshaven-Oost, Eemsmond, Groningen, second calendar-year male (W-J B Fontijn, H-J Wight, K Nanninga et al); 25-26 April, Eemshaven-Oost, Eemsmond, Groningen, second calendar-year female, photographed (W-J B Fontijn, E Koops, M Jonker et al; Dutch Birding 25: 193, plate 204, 2003).
A remarkable series at the Eemshaven migration observation post, in the extreme north-east.

Lesser Spotted Eagle / Schreeuwarend
Aquila pomarina 4,2,0

A bird photographed near Finsterwolde, Groningen, on 2 June is still in circulation (cf Dutch Birding 25: 278, plate 313, 2003), as is a report at Haeselaarbroek, Limburg, on 22 July. The identification of a bird collected in 1892 has recently been questioned (Justin Jansen in litt); this record most probably relates to Greater Spotted Eagle A clanga and will be reviewed.

Greater Spotted Eagle / Bastaardarend
Aquila clanga 14,12,0

2002 5 December, Praamweg, Lelystad, Flevoland, immature (L B Steijn et al).
1911 Early June, Beetsterzwaag, Opsterland, Friesland, second calendar-year female, collected, skin retained at Zoölogisch Museum Amsterdam, Noord-Holland (ZMA 30886) (C S Roselaar in litt).
The record in December 2002 is counted as a different one from the bird in September-October at the same well-watched locality (cf van der Vliet et al 2003). Probably, the same bird was reported on 27 December but no details were submitted. Other reports have not (yet) been submitted (cf van Dongen et al 2003): Almere, Flevoland, on 19 January, and Meinweg, Limburg, on 16 February. The bird from 1911 was previously identified as a male (cf van den Berg & Bosman 2001).

spotted eagle / Schreeuwarend/Bastaardarend
Aquila pomarina/clanga 0,1,1

4 January, Slikken van Flakkee, Dirksland, Zuid-Holland, immature (J Verkerk, G L Ouweneel, A Vink et al).
Submitted as Greater Spotted Eagle and most likely that species based on plumage and time of year, the description was insufficient to exclude Lesser Spotted Eagle.

Booted Eagle / Dwergarend
Hieraaetus pennatus 0,9,2

11 May, 's-Gravenpolder, Goes, Zeeland, dark morph (R Sponselee); 19 June, Blauwe Kamer, Rhenen, Utrecht, adult, pale morph, photographed (N L M Gilissen; Dutch Birding 25: 275, plate 304, 2003).
This species has been recorded almost annually since the first in 1992. The best year is 2000 with three records, followed by 2001 and 2003, both with two. Four reports have not (yet) been submitted (cf van Dongen et al 2003): Almere, Flevoland, on 28 May; Weerribben, Overijssel, on 30 May; Nieuwer-ter-Aa, Utrecht, on 31 May; and Wieringen, Noord-Holland, on 27 July.

Baillon's Crake / Kleinst Waterhoen
Porzana pusilla 82,30,2

16-17 June, Lentevreugd, Wassenaar, Zuid-Holland, male, singing, sound-recorded (T J C Luijendijk, B Wielstra et al); 3-14 July, Alblasserdam, Zuid-Holland, male, singing, sound-recorded (P van Meerkerk, L Boon, D Groenendijk et al).
1998 20 June to 25 July, Kwakvors, Grashoek, Helden, Limburg, male, singing, photographed (J Slaats).
The 1998 record concerns one of the very few birds that could be photographed. A report at Lentevreugd on 13 and 28 August probably concerned the bird from June but has not (yet) been submitted (cf van Dongen et al 2003).

Stone-curlew / Griel
Burhinus oedicnemus -,39,2

8-9 May, Botgat, Groote Keeten, Zijpe, Noord-Holland, photographed (H Bouma, H Niessen, M Renden et al); 15 June, Otterlosche Zand, Ede, Gelderland, photographed (I van der Brugge, J van der Louw et al; Dutch Birding 25: 278, plate 317, 2003).
2002 29-30 April, Laarderheide, Nederweert, Limburg, adult, videoed (T Hoeben, J Sieben, M Berlijn et al).
The locality of the 2002 bird was erroneously given with the wrong municipality and wrong province in van der Vliet et al (2003). A report at Castricum aan Zee, Noord-Holland, on 25 May has not (yet) been submitted (cf van Dongen et al 2003).

Black-winged Pratincole / Steppevorkstaartplevier
Glareola nordmanni 12,18,1

9 August, De Slufter, Texel, Noord-Holland, first-winter (P M A van der Wielen, R Struijk, M Bot), and 12 August, Burgervlotbrug, Zijpe, Noord-Holland, photographed (M van der Wardt, C van der Wardt, G J ter Haar et al; Dutch Birding 25: 350, plate 393-394, 2003), and 14 August, Julianadorp, Den Helder, Noord-Holland (R Halff, A Vink).
These sightings are considered to refer to the same bird because of the proximity in locations and dates.

American Golden Plover / Amerikaanse Goudplevier
Pluvialis dominica 1,13,1

8 December, Hindeloopen, Nijefurd, Friesland, first-winter, collected, skin retained at Fries Natuur Museum, Leeuwarden, Friesland, photographed (D A Mulder, E A Mulder, J Jukema; Jukema et al 2004; Dutch Birding 26: 86, plate 146-147, 2004).

Pacific Golden Plover / Aziatische Goudplevier
Pluvialis fulva 9,20,0

2002 16 July, Normerven, Wieringen, Noord-Holland (R E Brouwer).
A report at Workumerwaard, Friesland, on 26-31 July has not (yet) been submitted (cf van Dongen et al 2003). A report on Texel, Noord-Holland, on 6 July 2002 is still in circulation.

Sociable Lapwing / Steppekievit
Vanellus gregarius 12,28,1

24-25 March, Polder Groot Koninkrijk, 's-Gravendeel, Zuid-Holland, adult summer, photographed (A van der Linden, K Stoop, M Berlijn et al; Dutch Birding 25: 197, plate 215, 2003).
The earliest ever, beating the previous earliest record (29 March 1999) by five days. Reports at Schermerhorn, Noord-Holland, on 9 May, and one seen in flight at Eelderwolde, Drenthe, on 3 August, have not (yet) been submitted (cf van Dongen et al 2003). A report on 13-30 April 1984 at America, Limburg, has only recently been submitted and is still in circulation. The Netherlands seems to remain the best country in Europe to find this highly threatened lapwing. Worldwide, numbers have decreased considerably and the world population may now be limited to just 120 adults (cf Dutch Birding 26: 340, 2004).

White-tailed Lapwing / Witstaartkievit
Vanellus leucurus 1,7,0

2002 19 June, Middelblok, Gouderak, Ouderkerk, Zuid-Holland, adult summer, photographed (R van Beek, M Schildwacht, A H Boele et al; van Dijl & Boele 2002).
This record is considered to refer to the same bird observed at two other sites in Zuid-Holland and Zeeland on 4-5 July 2002, because of two similar spots on its underparts (cf van Dijl & Boele 2002, van der Vliet et al 2003).

Baird's Sandpiper / Bairds Strandloper
Calidris bairdii 0,3,1

6-9 August, De Cocksdorp, Texel, Noord-Holland, adult, photographed, videoed (A Wassink, P Duin, R Pop et al; Birding World 16: 322, 2003, Dutch Birding 25: 341, plate 381, 348, plate 389, 2003).
The first since an adult in July-August 1993; the other two were juveniles in September 1980 and August 1981.

Buff-breasted Sandpiper / Blonde Ruiter
Tryngites subruficollis 3,17,2

13-19 May, Bantpolder, Dongeradeel, Friesland, and Achter de Zwarten, Lauwersmeer, De Marne, Groningen, adult, photographed (T Bakker, M Jonker, O Tol et al); 23 September to 6 October, Prunjepolder, Schouwen-Duiveland, Zeeland, juvenile, photographed, videoed (P A Wolf, E B Ebels, M Berlijn et al).

Long-billed Dowitcher / Grote Grijze Snip
Limnodromus scolopaceus 0,18,1

30 December 2003 to 24 April 2004, Veerse Meer, Oud-Sabbinge, Goes, Zeeland, first-winter, photographed, sound-recorded, videoed (M Berlijn, B van den Boogaard, M van Dijl et al; Dutch Birding 26: 57, plate 104, 145, plate 215, 209, plate 284, 2004).
2002 2-11 April, De Hulk, Hoorn, Noord-Holland, adult, summer plumage, photographed, videoed (F Musman, R E Brouwer, R Halff et al; Dutch Birding 24: 181, plate 158, 2002).
2000 1 May, Withollandven/Landschotse Heide, Oirschot, and 5 May, De Logt, Oisterwijk, Noord-Brabant, adult, summer plumage, photographed, videoed (T Heijnen, B van den Broek, F Neijts et al).

Lesser Yellowlegs / Kleine Geelpootruiter
Tringa flavipes 1,9,1

7-12 June, Jaap Deensgat, Lauwersmeer, De Marne, Groningen, photographed, videoed (W-J B Fontijn, R Cazemier, E B Ebels et al).
This American wader has been recorded almost annually since 1998, apart from 2001.

Terek Sandpiper / Terekruiter
Xenus cinereus 1,22,4

10 May, Scherpenissepolder, Tholen, Zeeland, adult, photographed (A Vrielink, E van Gemert, J van der Linden et al; Dutch Birding 25: 275, plate 306, 2003); 14 May, Makkumerzuidwaard, Wûnseradiel, Friesland, photographed (S Bernardus, A de Bruin, E Koops et al; Dutch Birding 25: 275, plate 305, 2003); 19 July, Koehool, Franekeradeel, Friesland, and 19-26 July, Westhoek, het Bildt, Friesland, maximum of two (on 22-24 July), adult, summer plumage, photographed (S Bernardus, J Poelstra, R Cazemier et al).
The best year ever, beating the three of 2002. A report at Den Oever, Noord-Holland, on 27 July has not (yet) been submitted (cf van Dongen et al 2003).

Wilson's Phalarope / Grote Franjepoot
Phalaropus tricolor 6,13,1

2 August, Westhoek, het Bildt, Friesland, winter plumage, photographed (J Bosma).
The 20th record. All were found in April-October (with one staying into November).

Laughing Gull / Lachmeeuw
Larus atricilla 0,3,0

2000 23 July, Rutbekerveld, Enschede, Overijssel, adult, summer plumage (C Derks, B Pieterson).
This was the first sighting of a bird recorded at various places in the eastern half of the Netherlands and across the border in Germany in 2000-02 (cf van der Vliet et al 2003, Ottens 2004). Previous records are from September-October 1993 and August-October 1997.

* Audouin's Gull / Audouins Meeuw
Larus audouinii 0,0,1

1 May, Neeltje Jans, Veere, Zeeland, second-summer, photographed, videoed (P A Wolf, P L Meininger, B Gaxiola et al; Wolf 2003a, 2004; Birding World 16: 192, 2003, 17: 28, 2004, Birdwatch 12 nr 132: 62, 2003, Dutch Birding 25: 183, plate 184, 206, plate 230-231, 2003, 26: 238, plate 342-343, 2004).
This individual was relocated four days later at Dungeness, Kent, England, where it stayed on 5-7 May (Walker 2003, 2004).

Ring-billed Gull / Ringsnavelmeeuw
Larus delawarensis 0,6,0

13 July to 8 February 2004, Kattendijke and Goes, Goes, Zeeland, adult male, photographed, sound-recorded (P L Meininger, P Koken, D Groenendijk et al).
2002 17 July to 4 January 2003, Wilhelminadorp and Goes, Goes, Zeeland, adult male, photographed.
In 2003, this bird returned for its seventh consecutive year.

Baltic Gull / Baltische Mantelmeeuw
Larus fuscus fuscus 0,2,0

2002 20 September, Zuidpier, IJmuiden, Velsen, Noord-Holland, adult, ring read (F Cottaar).
This bird was colour-ringed (C09K) as a pullus on 12 July 1996 at Savonlinna, Mikkeli, Finland. New knowledge on the separation between this taxon and Lesser Black-backed Gull L f graellsii/intermedius has led to the removal of all records except for ringed birds of proven provenance (see rejected records). The only other colour-ringed individual was also an adult, on 18 December 2001 on Vlieland, Friesland.

Forster's Tern / Forsters Stern
Sterna forsteri 0,3,1

15-19 July, Colijnsplaat, Noord-Beveland, Zeeland, first-summer, photographed, videoed (P A Wolf, E B Ebels, P Koken et al; Verbanck 2003; Birding World 16: 276, 2003, Dutch Birding 25: 350, plate 395, 2003).
The fourth record and the first since 1999. Presumably the same bird stayed at Zeebrugge and Knokke, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium, from 17 May to 12 June. Although sometimes elusive, this Nearctic tern was nevertheless observed by many birders. Previous records are from November 1986, January 1995 and November 1999.

Black Guillemot / Zwarte Zeekoet
Cepphus grylle 31,46,0

1990 20 October, Scheveningen, Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, first-winter, photographed (D van Elswijk).
Three reports for 2003 have not (yet) been submitted (cf van Dongen et al 2003, 2004): one found at Wierum, Friesland, on 18 January; at Camperduin, Noord-Holland, on 6 February; and at Eemshaven, Groningen, on 28 November.

European Scops Owl / Dwergooruil
Otus scops 5,1,1

8 May, between Warns and Stavoren, Nijefurd, Friesland, adult, found dead, skin retained at Fries Natuur Museum, Leeuwarden, Friesland, photographed (S Sytsma, E van Hijum; Dutch Birding 25: 272, plate 299, 2003).
The seventh record and the second since 1980. Of these, six were found dead or captured alive. Only one in 1998 involved a 'normal' record of a calling bird. May is the best month with four records.

Eurasian Eagle Owl / Oehoe
Bubo bubo 1,38,6

The male of the pair present at Sint Pietersberg, Maastricht, Limburg, since March 1997 was found dead on 12 April; the female was last seen on 18 April. The pair at Cadier en Keer, Margraten, Limburg, raised three young. One of these was found injured on 13 September and taken into care; it was released on 23 October. The male of this pair was found weakened on 15 September and died the next day (Voskamp 2004). One pair raised three young at Winterswijk, Gelderland, at almost the same site where breeding took place in 2002 (Wassink 2003). In the previous report (van der Vliet et al 2003), it was stated that birds have been present near Cadier en Keer since 2001. This is incorrect; two birds were seen here in 1999 but none in both 2000 and 2001. The first breeding here was in 2002. This species is no longer considered from 1 January 2004 onwards, because it is now a regular (but very localized) breeding bird in increasing numbers (in 2004, the number of breeding pairs in Zuid-Limburg grew to four or five, with new males taking the places of the two deceased males mentioned above (Voskamp 2004)).

Alpine Swift / Alpengierzwaluw
Apus melba 7,34,1

15 April, Eemshaven, Eemsmond, Groningen, photographed (L Schilperoord, R Mulder, H-J Wight et al).
2002 7 September, Ooltgensplaat, Oostflakkee, Zuid-Holland (D van Straalen).
A report at Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, on 11 September, has not (yet) been submitted (cf van Dongen et al 2003).

European Roller / Scharrelaar
Coracias garrulus 53,16,0

1988 3-5 June, De Hamert, Arcen en Velden, Limburg (J Kooistra, H Alards).

Grey-headed Woodpecker / Grijskopspecht
Picus canus 1,3,0

The male at Oosterbeek, Renkum, Gelderland, first present in May 2000, was seen again from 23 January to 2 June (Birding World 16: 194, 2003, Dutch Birding 25: 194, plate 208, 2003).

Greater Short-toed Lark / Kortteenleeuwerik
Calandrella brachydactyla 3,25,1

31 May, Lentevreugd, Wassenaar, Zuid-Holland, photographed (M van Duijn, B van der Burg, H Ouwehand et al).
2001 2 May, Neeltje Jans, Veere, Zeeland, photographed (D Kok, H Zevenhuizen).
Three different reports at Maasvlakte, Zuid-Holland, on 30 May, 31 May and 3 June remain in circulation to establish the number of individuals involved (cf Dutch Birding 25: 278, plate 316, 2003).

Red-rumped Swallow / Roodstuitzwaluw
Hirundo daurica 2,52,9

16 April, Zwanenwater, Zijpe, Noord-Holland, adult, sound-recorded (M S Robb, R Halff, T Marijnissen et al); 19 April, Eijsderbeemden, Eijsden, Limburg, adult, photographed (J-J Bakhuizen, K Lemmens, M Berlijn et al; Dutch Birding 25: 192, plate 203, 204, plate 227-228, 2003); 19 April, Drontermeer, Dronten, Flevoland, photographed (D Groenendijk, W Janssen, E Koops et al); 19-20 April, Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen, Zandvoort, Noord-Holland, adult, photographed, videoed (P Thomas, L B Steijn, H Groot et al); 21 April, Paal 10, Schiermonnikoog, Friesland (R Gordijn, S Bot, M Bunskoek et al); 2-5 May, De Geul and Horsmeertjes, Texel, Noord-Holland, maximum of two (on 4-5 May) (P Duin, A Wassink et al); 4 May, Bakkeveen, Opsterland, Friesland (K H Scholten); 12 May, Jaap Deensgat, Lauwersmeer, De Marne, Groningen, adult (V E Stork, R Schwartz, R Schwartz et al).
This series constitutes the largest influx, with several reports still in circulation or not (yet) submitted; in total, 16 individuals were reported, most in April-May and one in October (cf van Dijl 2003b, van Dongen et al 2003).

Olive-backed Pipit / Siberische Boompieper
Anthus hodgsoni 0,11,1

19 October, Oost-Vlieland, Vlieland, Friesland (N L M Gilissen, R de Beer, J van 't Bosch et al).
The third year in succession this species was recorded and the second year running with one on Vlieland, the smallest of the inhabited Frisian islands. A report of a bird sound-recorded at IJmuiden, Noord-Holland, on 5 November is still in circulation.

Thrush Nightingale / Noordse Nachtegaal
Luscinia luscinia 7,44,1

11-19 May, Ooijpolder, Ubbergen, Gelderland, singing, sound-recorded (J van Bruggen, D Groenendijk et al).
2001 10 May, Kostverlorenstraat, Zandvoort, Noord-Holland, singing, sound-recorded (R Boddaert).

White-throated Robin / Perzische Roodborst
Irania gutturalis 0,2,1

30 August, Loozerheide, Boshoven, Weert, Limburg, first-year, ringed, photographed (W Beeren, T Cardinaal, T van Mierlo et al; Beeren et al 2003; Birding World 16: 323, 2003, Dutch Birding 25: 357, plate 403, 2003).
The third record of this extreme rarity. Previous records were in November 1986 and June 1995.

Eastern Black Redstart / Oosterse Zwarte Roodstaart
Phoenicurus ochruros phoenicuroides 0,0,0

A male at IJmuiden, Noord-Holland, on 21-23 October remains in circulation to establish whether its identification can be ascertained without doubt (cf Steijn 2003; Dutch Birding 25: 419, plate 488, 433, plate 512, 442, plate 521, 2003, Birding World 17: 35, 2004).

Eastern Black-eared Wheatear / Oostelijke Blonde Tapuit
Oenanthe melanoleuca 1,1,1

4 May, De Petten, Texel, Noord-Holland, first-summer male, photographed, sound-recorded, videoed (C Kraan, A Wassink, P Duin et al; Wassink 2003; Birding World 16: 418, 2003, Dutch Birding 25: 207, plate 232-233, 277, plate 310, 2003).
1996 2-4 June, Aagtekerke, Veere, Zeeland, first-summer male, photographed (M Klootwijk, S Lilipaly et al; Klootwijk & Cuypers 1996, Opperman et al 1997, cf Ullman 2003b; Birding World 9: 215, 1996, Birdwatch 5 nr 49: 60, 1996, Dutch Birding 18: 140, plate 149, 154-155, plate 168, 1996, 20: 157, plate 120, 1998, 25: 98-99, plate 88-92, 2003).
1972 3-5 May, Westlandse Waterleidingduinen, Monster, Zuid-Holland, adult male (N D van Swelm, D J G Brand, J van der Straaten; van Swelm 1975).

Western Black-eared Wheatear / Westelijke Blonde Tapuit
Oenanthe hispanica 0,0,0

The bird photographed on Terschelling, Friesland, on 11 May 2001 remains in circulation to establish which taxon it concerned. Most likely, it was a Western Black-eared Wheatear. After review of all black-eared wheatears, no Western Black-eared Wheatear currently remains on the Dutch list (see below; contra van den Berg & Bosman 2001).

black-eared wheatear / blonde tapuit
Oenanthe hispanica/melanoleuca 3,2,0

1991 6 June, Rottumeroog, Eemsmond, Groningen, female, photographed (K van Dijken, W Steenge; de Bruin et al 1994; Dutch Birding 15: 151, plate 91, 1993, 16: 200, plate 170, 1994).
1982 30 April, Noordoosthoek, Vlieland, Friesland, adult male (M Versluys).
1975 8 June, Meijendel, Wassenaar, Zuid-Holland, adult male (J A de Raad).
1970 6 May, Formerumer Bos, Terschelling, Friesland, adult male (J van Dijk, J C van Dijk-Boomgaardt; van Dijk & van Dijk-Boomgaardt 1971).
1937 7 May, Meijendel, Wassenaar, Zuid-Holland, male (J C Koch, J P Bouma; ten Kate 1937).
This completes the revision of all Dutch records of black-eared wheatear based on Ullman (2003a). The bird on Rottumeroog in June 1991 has never officially been accepted as Eastern Black-eared Wheatear, although it most probably belongs to this taxon (contra van den Berg & Bosman 2001).

Desert Wheatear / Woestijntapuit
Oenanthe deserti 1,8,1

9 November, De Cocksdorp, Texel, Noord-Holland, first-year female, photographed (M Zekhuis, R Pop et al; Dutch Birding 26: 62, plate 113, 72, plate 133, 2004).
Records are from October-December (nine) and April (one).

* Blue Rock Thrush / Blauwe Rotslijster
Monticola solitarius 0,0,1

20 September, Westkapelle, Veere, Zeeland, first-winter, presumably male, photographed, videoed (A van Gilst, T Koppejan, E B Ebels et al; van Gilst 2003, Ebels & van Gilst 2004; Birding World 16: 374, 2003, 17: 35, 2004, Birdwatch 12 nr 137: 62, 2003, Dutch Birding 25: 359, plate 405, 360, plate 406, 426, plate 496, 2003, 26: 385-386, plate 546-548, 2004).
Date, locality, age and behaviour support a wild origin.

White's Thrush / Goudlijster
Zoothera aurea 11,3,1

10 October, Korverskooi, Texel, Noord-Holland, first-year, ringed, photographed (M T Zijm, C Zijm, A Wassink et al; Dutch Birding 25: 410, plate 466, 427, plate 497, 2003, Birding World 17: 35, 2004).
A bird seen migrating at Wassenaar and Meijendel, Zuid-Holland, on 12 October is still in circulation (cf van Rossum & Remeeus 2003).

Cetti's Warbler / Cetti's Zanger
Cettia cetti -,59,4

25-26 February, Spaarnwoude, Haarlemmerliede en Spaarnwoude, Noord-Holland, singing, sound-recorded (R A van Dijk); 14 April, Castricum, Noord-Holland, ringed, photographed (G O Keijl et al); 26 April to 19 October, 't Kiekgat, Stellendam, Goedereede, Zuid-Holland, maximum of two (from 26 April to 2 July), singing, sound-recorded (M Renders, N van Houtum, T J C Luijendijk et al).
2002 23 November to 25 December (two on 24 December), Molenplaat, Bergen op Zoom, Noord-Brabant (R Keizer).
The 2002 record concerns a date extension and the presence of a second bird. Several reports of 2002 and 2003 have not (yet) been submitted or are still in circulation. This species is no longer considered from 1 January 2004 onwards.

Zitting Cisticola / Graszanger
Cisticola juncidis -,47,-

1999 2-17 July, Paal, Hulst, Zeeland, singing (B W J Oosterbaan, R Altenburg, P Jongejans). 1996 19-26 July, Fochteloërveen, Ooststellingwerf, Friesland (R Hovinga, S Witvoet).
The 1999 record concerns a date extension. Contrary to van den Berg & Bosman (2001), the 1996 bird was seen only in the province of Friesland (and not in the province of Drenthe). This species is no longer considered from 1 January 2001 onwards.

Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler / Siberische Sprinkhaanzanger
Locustella certhiola 0,3,1

12 September, Castricum, Noord-Holland, first-winter, ringed, photographed, videoed (H Levering, C S Roselaar, P Vlietstra et al; Dutch Birding 25: 405, plate 459, 2003).
The fourth record and also the fourth for this ringing station. The others were on 5 October 1991, 21 September 2002 and 27 September 2002.

River Warbler / Krekelzanger
Locustella fluviatilis 6,28,1

15-16 June, De Bruuk, Groesbeek, Gelderland, singing, sound-recorded (D Groenendijk et al).

Melodious Warbler / Orpheusspotvogel
Hippolais polyglotta 2,34,6

30 May, Houtribsluizen, Lelystad, Flevoland, ringed, photographed (C J Breek, F Breek, D Boeije); 13 June to 4 July, Mariapeel, America, Horst aan de Maas, Limburg, singing, photographed, videoed (R Vernooij, M Berlijn, R Schols et al; Birding World 16: 234, 2003, Dutch Birding 25: 264, plate 283, 276, plate 308, 2003); 17-20 June, Wolfhaag, Vaals, Limburg, singing, photographed (R M van Dongen, M Berlijn, R Schols et al); 17 June to 6 August, two, breeding pair (nest found, outcome unknown), Zoetermeer, Zuid-Holland, photographed, sound-recorded, videoed (L J R Boon, T J C Luijendijk, E B Ebels et al; Dutch Birding 25: 276, plate 309, 2003); 18 June to 14 July, Haeselaarbroek, Echt-Susteren, Limburg, singing, photographed, sound-recorded, videoed (R M van Dongen, R Schols et al).
2002 4 June, Rottumerplaat, Eemsmond, Groningen, singing, photographed (R Hovinga, B Zoer).
The best year ever, beating the five of 2000. The report of a third bird at Zoetermeer was considered inconclusive. Other reports have not (yet) been submitted (cf van Dongen et al 2003): Flevocentrale, Flevoland, on 3-4 May; and Brunssum, Limburg, on 19-21 June.

Paddyfield Warbler / Veldrietzanger
Acrocephalus agricola 1,9,2

6 September, Groene Glop, Schiermonnikoog, Friesland, first-winter, ringed, photographed (U Rijpma, H Vonk; Dutch Birding 25: 430, plate 505, 2003); 12 September, Castricum, Noord-Holland, first-winter, ringed, photographed, videoed (H Levering, C S Roselaar et al).
A report of another bird ringed at Castricum, Noord-Holland, on 2 October has not (yet) been submitted (cf Dutch Birding 25: 427, plate 498, 2003).

Blyth's Reed Warbler / Struikrietzanger
Acrocephalus dumetorum 0,4,0

Birds photographed at Stortemelk, Vlieland, Friesland, on 28-30 September, ringed at Castricum, Noord-Holland, on 30 September and sound-recorded (and poorly photographed) at Holle Poarte, Makkum, Friesland, from 25 October to 1 November are still in circulation or have not (yet) been submitted (cf van Dongen et al 2003; Dutch Birding 25: 430, plate 503, 434, plate 514, 2003).

Booted Warbler / Kleine Spotvogel
Acrocephalus caligatus 0,10,1

10-11 September, Jachthaven, Schiermonnikoog, Friesland, first-year, photographed, videoed (W E M van der Schot, F Padmos, L J R Boon et al; van der Schot 2003; Dutch Birding 25: 258, plate 404, 2003).
Currently, all previous records of Booted Warbler are being reviewed to find out if Sykes's Warbler A rama can be safely excluded.

Dartford Warbler / Provençaalse Grasmus
Sylvia undata 1,3,1

12-13 October, De Cocksdorp, Texel, Noord-Holland, male, photographed (E Koops, R Pop, A Vink et al; Koops 2003; Dutch Birding 25: 430, plate 504, 441, plate 520, 2003).
The fifth record and the most northerly ever in the Netherlands. Previous records were on 1-3 April 1959 at Hoophuizen, Gelderland, from 26 November to 3 December 1995 at Westkapelle, Zeeland, on 3-7 January 1997 at Westplaat, Zuid-Holland, and on 24-25 March 2002 at Maasvlakte, Zuid-Holland.

Subalpine Warbler / Baardgrasmus
Sylvia cantillans 5,36,2

28 April, Korverskooi, Texel, Noord-Holland, second-calendar year male, ringed, photographed (D Schermer, A Wassink); 4 May, Maasvlakte, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, male, photographed (H ter Haar, P M A van der Wielen, W Puyk et al).
1999 29 May, Hoog Buurlosche Heide, Apeldoorn, Gelderland, adult male (D Groenendijk, R van Bemmelen, S Rijnbeek).
1998 27-28 April, De Cocksdorp, Texel, Noord-Holland, adult male (A Wassink, N Marra, M C Witte et al).
1993 1 May, Oosterend, Terschelling, Friesland, male (J-M Rahder); 2 June, De Cocksdorp, Texel, Noord-Holland, second calendar-year male (A Wassink).
1983 25 April, Vrakelberg, Voerendaal, Limburg, adult male, photographed (F Schepers).
1982 3 June, Engelsmanplaat, Dongeradeel, Friesland, male (A Woortman, K Oordijk; Oordijk & Woortman 1982; Dutch Birding 4: 133, plate 80, 1982).
1948 24-27 May, Volewijkspark, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, male, singing (G van der Baan; van der Baan 1948).
The totals include records accepted to subspecies (see below). This completes the review of Subalpine Warblers of which a call had been described. None of these birds was accepted as Moltoni's Warbler S c moltoni, of which there is one record (cf van der Vliet et al 2002). Even on call, especially when only described, distinguishing the western subspecies group S c cantillans/inornata and the eastern subspecies S c albistriata is very difficult. Reports in 2003 at Westkapelle, Zeeland, on 26-27 April (photographed), and at Kollumerwaard, Friesland, on 18 May have not (yet) been submitted (cf van Dongen et al 2003).

Western Subalpine Warbler / Westelijke Baardgrasmus
Sylvia cantillans cantillans/inornata 1,2,0

2002 3-4 May, Stuifdijk, Maasvlakte, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, male, photographed (W van Rijswijk, H Zevenhuizen et al).
2000 30 April, Maasvlakte, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, first-summer male, photographed (G W M van Aalst, M van Dijl, E B Ebels et al).
1973 7 October, De Cocksdorp, Texel, Noord-Holland, male (H F van der Lee, G J Oreel, J W de Roever et al; van der Lee 1975).
This completes the review of Subalpine Warblers of which a call has been described.

orphean warbler / orpheusgrasmus
Sylvia hortensis/crassirostris 0,0,0

A bird present at Middelburg, Zeeland, from 29 October to 5 November has not (yet) been submitted; critical and detailed analysis of characters will be necessary to enable acceptance as either Western Orphean Warbler S hortensis or Eastern Orphean Warbler S crassirostris; most plumage characters seem to point towards Western (cf Wolf 2003b; Birding World 16: 420, 2003, 17: 37, 2004, Birdwatch 12 nr 138: 63, 2003, Dutch Birding 25: 420, plate 490, 444, plate 522, 2003, 26: 71, plate 126, 2004).

Desert Whitethroat / Woestijnbraamsluiper
Sylvia curruca minula 0,0,0

A bird submitted as this taxon and showing characters of the Central Asian desert populations S c minula or S c halimodendri (or an intergrade) at Katwijk aan den Rijn, Zuid-Holland, from 23 November to 1 December is still in circulation (cf Zuyderduyn 2004; Birding World 16: 456, 2003, Birdwatch 13 nr 139: 63, 2004, Dutch Birding 26: 83, plate 142-143, 2004).

Greenish Warbler / Grauwe Fitis
Phylloscopus trochiloides 6,26,6

31 May to 29 July, Schiermonnikoog, Friesland, maximum of three adults (on 5-11 June) and three juveniles (one juvenile ringed at Groene Glop, Schiermonnikoog, on 29 July), singing, photographed, sound-recorded, videoed (D Beukers, E B Ebels, M Berlijn et al; Ebels 2003; Dutch Birding 25: 278, plate 312, 305, plate 335-336, 2003).
The first breeding record and the most westerly breeding of the species so far was fully documented by Ebels (2003); three young were successfully raised, one of which was trapped at a different location on the island during the days when the family split up. Reports at Quackgors, Zuid-Holland, and on Terschelling, Friesland, both on 29 May and on Terschelling, on 22 August have not (yet) been submitted (cf van Dongen et al 2003).

Hume's Leaf Warbler / Humes Bladkoning
Phylloscopus humei 2,20,5

14-16 October, Kobbeduinen, Schiermonnikoog, Friesland, photographed, sound-recorded (T Bakker, M P Olthoff, D Brinkhuizen et al); 22 October, Kroonspolders, Vlieland, Friesland, ringed, photographed (H Bouwmeester; Dutch Birding 25: 430, plate 506, 2003); 26 October to 1 November, Eemshaven-Oost, Eemsmond, Groningen, photographed, sound-recorded (R Cazemier, D Hoekstra, T Bakker et al); 28-29 October, Huisduinerpolder, Den Helder, Noord-Holland, photographed (R E Brouwer, C Ooijevaar, H Niessen et al); 5 November, Pettemerduinen, Zijpe, Noord-Holland (R E Brouwer).
An excellent year, equalling the five of 1999. Several reports have not (yet) been submitted (cf van Dongen et al 2003, 2004).

Dusky Warbler / Bruine Boszanger
Phylloscopus fuscatus 1,28,8

16-17 October, Castricum, Noord-Holland, ringed, photographed, videoed (R Leurs, C S Roselaar, A Wijker et al); 19 October, Castricum, Noord-Holland, ringed, photographed (H Levering et al); 22 October, Terwispel, Opsterland, Friesland, ringed, photographed (W Bil, W Boomsma); 24 October, Maasvlakte, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, photographed, videoed (J Luiten, C Beeke, M van Dijl et al; Birding World 16: 458, 2003, Dutch Birding 25: 428, plate 500, 2003); 25-26 October, Driel, Overbetuwe, Gelderland, photographed, sound-recorded (J Valkenburg, P Palmen, A van Kleunen et al; Birding World 16: 494, 2003, Dutch Birding 25: 428, plate 499, 2003); 1-4 November, Nes, Ameland, Friesland, photographed, sound-recorded, videoed (T J C Luijendijk, M Berlijn, H van Diek et al); 9 November, Castricum, Noord-Holland, ringed, photographed (Q L Slings, A Wijker, C S Roselaar); 28 November to 1 December, Maasdijk, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, sound-recorded (L Linnartz, L B Steijn, W van Rijswijk et al).
2001 13 October, Kampereiland, Kampen, Overijssel, ringed, photographed (J Nap, F de Roder, D-J Wind).
2000 25-27 November, Katwijk aan Zee, Katwijk, Zuid-Holland (J-H van Steenis, T J C Luijendijk et al).
A record year; several reports have not (yet) been submitted, including two trapped and ringed (cf van Dongen et al 2003, 2004).

Siberian Chiffchaff / Siberische Tjiftjaf
Phylloscopus collybita tristis -,16,2

16-20 November, Lauwersoog, De Marne, Groningen, two on 16-17 November, photographed, sound-recorded (R Cazemier, A de Bruin, A B van den Berg et al; Dutch Birding 26: 71, plate 125, 2004).
2002 11 November, Westenschouwen, Schouwen-Duiveland, Zeeland, ringed, photographed (L van Ree, C Oskam); 30 December to 26 January 2003, Hoogkerk, Groningen, Groningen, photographed, sound-recorded.
Several reports have not (yet) been submitted, including one sound-recorded at Harlingen, Friesland, from 12 December to 13 February 2004 (cf van Dongen et al 2003, 2004).

Collared Flycatcher / Withalsvliegenvanger
Ficedula albicollis 23,7,0

2001 1 May, Berkenplas, Schiermonnikoog, Friesland, first-summer male, photographed (H Kruitwagen, J Boshuizen et al; Terlou & Ebels 2001).
This is the second bird to be accepted for that spring.

Daurian Shrike / Daurische Klauwier
Lanius isabellinus 0,3,1

24-25 September, Horsmeertjes, Texel, Noord-Holland, adult female or first-winter, photographed, videoed (L J R Boon, R Pop et al; Birding World 16: 373, 2003, 17: 38, 2004, Dutch Birding 25: 426, plate 495, 2003).
The CDNA could not agree upon the age of this bird. The tertials and greater wing-coverts were very probably adult but the unclear face-mask and pale bill are more in favour of a juvenile or first-winter. Previous records were in May 1995, December 1996 and October 2000.

Lesser Grey Shrike / Kleine Klapekster
Lanius minor 21,15,1

30 May, Haagse Waterleidingduinen, Wassenaar, Zuid-Holland, adult male (A Remeeus).
This shrike has become a major rarity in recent years; it is the species' first record in the new millennium.

Woodchat Shrike / Roodkopklauwier
Lanius senator -,68,3

30 April to 7 May, Eierlandse Duinen, Texel, Noord-Holland, adult, photographed (T van der Es, A Wassink, E Menkveld et al); 10-11 May, Bargerveen, Emmen, Drenthe, adult male, photographed (E van der Linden; Dutch Birding 25: 278, plate 315, 2003); 11-13 May, Grote Vlak, Texel, Noord-Holland, adult male, photographed (A Wassink, P Duin, R van Dijk et al).
1999 3 May, Philippine, Sas van Gent, Zeeland, photographed (H Castelijns, A Kind, W Mahu et al).
The following reports have not (yet) been submitted (cf van Dongen et al 2003): Weerterbos, Limburg, on 4 May; Moergestel, Noord-Brabant, on 11 May; Vlieland, Friesland, on 11 May; and Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen, Zuid-Holland, on 6-7 July. A report from 1982 has only recently been submitted. This taxon is no longer considered from 1 January 2004 onwards.

House Crow / Huiskraai
Corvus splendens 0,19,3

At Hoek van Holland, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, three juveniles were photographed and videoed from 13 July to at least 7 September (E B Ebels, G Ottens, M van Dijl; Dutch Birding 25: 313, plate 337-338, 314, plate 339, 2003, Birding World 17: 38, 2004). For 2003, the exact number of birds at this locality remains unreported, although at least 10 were counted on 7 Sepember (Ottens & Ryall 2003).
Reports of up to four birds at Ockenburg and Westduinpark, Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, from 16 April to 30 June have not (yet) been submitted (cf Ottens & Ryall 2003). As this species has become a regular though very localized breeding bird, it is no longer considered from 1 January 2004 onwards.

Rose-coloured Starling / Roze Spreeuw
Sturnus roseus 21,93,0

2001 29 September to 15 October, De Geul, Texel, Noord-Holland (A Wassink et al).
This concerns a date extension. Due to the strong increase of records, the species is no longer considered from 1 January 2003 onwards.

Red-eyed Vireo / Roodoogvireo
Vireo olivaceus 0,6,1

22 October, Castricum, Noord-Holland, ringed, photographed (A Wijker; Dutch Birding 25: 434, plate 515, 2003).
The seventh record of this Nearctic passerine. October is the best month, with five records. All records fall between 24 September and 22 October and only one (October 1996) concerns a bird not trapped or found dead.

African Chaffinch / Afrikaanse Vink
Fringilla coelebs africana/spodiogenys 0,0,0

Four reports (one from 1999 and three from 2003) are in circulation (cf van Dijl 2003a, Brinkhuizen et al 2004; Birding World 16: 146, 492, 2003, 17: 39, 2004, Birdwatch 12 nr 131: 63, 2003, Dutch Birding 25: 198, plate 221, 203, plate 226, 2003, 26: 85, plate 144-145, 2004).

Arctic Redpoll / Witstuitbarmsijs
Carduelis hornemanni exilipes 43,55,0

2001 23 December, Oosterend, Terschelling, Friesland, videoed (H Westerlaken, C M Aardoom, A Ouwerkerk; Plomp et al 2002).

Hornemann's Redpoll / Groenlandse Witstuitbarmsijs
Carduelis hornemanni hornemanni 0,0,0

The report of a bird presumed to belong to this taxon at Huisduinen, Noord-Holland, on 11-15 October has only recently been submitted and is still in circulation (cf Ebels & Halff 2003; Birding World 16: 455, 2003, Dutch Birding 25: 430, plate 507, 440, plate 519, 2003).

Two-barred Crossbill / Witbandkruisbek
Loxia leucoptera 37,214,1

16-26 February, Bakkeveen, Opsterland, Friesland, adult male, photographed (J Poortstra, R Cazemier, S Bernardus et al).
2002 15 September to 23 February 2003, IJzeren Veld, Huizen, Noord-Holland, male, photographed, sound-recorded, videoed; 27-29 December, Lage Mierde, Reusel-De Mierden, Noord-Brabant, adult male, photographed, videoed (R van Ouwerkerk, M Berlijn, P Palmen et al).
The record from IJzeren Veld concerns a date extension.

* Trumpeter Finch / Woestijnvink
Bucanetes githagineus 0,0,1

31 May, Maasvlakte, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, first-summer male, photographed, sound-recorded, videoed (W van Rijswijk, L Boon, L J R Boon et al; van Rijswijk 2003, 2004; Birdwatch 12 nr 134: 63, 2003, Dutch Birding 25: 277, plate 311, 286, plate 323, 2003, 26: 185, plate 252, 186, plate 253, 2004, Birding World 17: 38, 2004).
The first record; date, locality, age and behaviour support a wild origin.

Rustic Bunting / Bosgors
Emberiza rustica 13,52,2

1 October, Maasvlakte, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland (W van Rijswijk, L Boon); 5 October, Oosterend, Terschelling, Friesland (E Nieuwstraten).
1997 8-9 October, Oosterend, Terschelling, Friesland, first-year or female, photographed (P W Logtmeijer, P Bauwens, J-M Rahder et al).
History shows that Oosterend on Terschelling is obviously the key site to find this species. A report at Wageningen, Gelderland, on 3 October and a report from 2001 have recently been submitted and are in circulation. A report at Haagse Waterleidingduinen, Zuid-Holland, on 12 October has not (yet) been submitted (cf van Dongen et al 2003).

Little Bunting / Dwerggors
Emberiza pusilla 27,71,5

16 March to 21 April, Den Hoorn, Texel, Noord-Holland, photographed (K Bruin, A Wassink, P Duin et al; Dutch Birding 25: 197, plate 219, 2003); 28 September, Oostpunt, Oost-Vlieland, Vlieland, Friesland, photographed (L B Steijn, K de Vries, F Ossendorp et al); 28 September, Westenschouwen, Schouwen-Duiveland, Zeeland, first-winter, ringed, photographed (L van Ree, A Vuyk, M Schildwacht); 5-11 October, De Cocksdorp, Texel, Noord-Holland, photographed, videoed (L B Steijn, P Palmen, M Berlijn et al; Dutch Birding 25: 429, plate 502, 2003); 24-26 October, Driemolendrift, Groningen, Groningen, photographed, sound-recorded (A van Dijk, A de Bruin, E Koops et al; Dutch Birding 25: 430, plate 508, 2003).
2002 14 September, Molenheide, Hulsel, Reusel-De Mierden, Noord-Brabant, first-winter, ringed, photographed (P Wouters, J Wouters).
2001 29-30 September, Kreeftenpolder, Texel, Noord-Holland (D Kok, N van Duivendijk, J de Bruyn et al). 1997 5 October, Kennemermeer, IJmuiden, Velsen, Noord-Holland (H Janse, W Janse, P Thomas et al). 1996 17 April, Van Ewijcksluis, Anna Paulowna, Noord-Holland (R E Brouwer). Due to the increasing number of records, this species is no longer considered from 1 January 2004 onwards.

Yellow-breasted Bunting / Wilgengors
Emberiza aureola 3,8,1

12 September, Oostpunt, Vlieland, Friesland, first-year or female, videoed (E Nieuwstraten, L B Steijn, G J ter Haar et al).
The first to be observed in the field since 1995. September is clearly the best month with nine records (others are from July, August and October); Vlieland is now the best place with three records.

Black-headed Bunting / Zwartkopgors
Emberiza melanocephala 2,7,1

13 June, Rottumerplaat, Eemsmond, Groningen, male, photographed (R Hovinga, M Heegstra).
The 10th record, all concerning males. The best months are May and June, both with four records.

Systematic list of rejected records

This list contains all records not accepted by the CDNA. Records marked with @ were rejected by all committee members in the first or second voting. Most records were rejected because the identification was not fully established (often due to lack of documentation) or when the bird showed signs of captivity, such as dubious rings, excessive wear or aberrant behaviour. Species for which the CDNA unanimously decided that all records up to now refer to birds of captive origin are indicated with *. This includes records of birds of which all ancestors are assumed to be of captive origin (introduced species of British category C).

Whistling Swan / Fluitzwaan Cygnus columbianus 12-18 November, Hijum, Leeuwarderadeel, Friesland, adult (@ exact amount of yellow on bill not determined). Greenland White-fronted Goose / Groenlandse Kolgans Anser albifrons flavirostris 9 February, Piaam, Wûnseradiel, Friesland, two, adult (@ description incomplete); 10 March, Anjum, Dongeradeel, Friesland (description incomplete). Hutchins's Canada Goose / Hutchins' Canadese Gans Branta hutchinsii hutchinsii 11 January, Den Bommel, Oostflakkee, Zuid-Holland, photographed (description wrong in some respects, eg, legs too long and breast too dark; hybrid not excluded). Steller's Eider / Stellers EiderPolysticta stelleri 12 October, Waddenzee, Harlingen, Friesland, two, adult male (@ description incomplete). King Eider / Koningseider Somateria spectabilis 4 January, Vlissingen, Zeeland, female (@ description incomplete); 2 April, Bloemendaal aan Zee, Bloemendaal, Noord-Holland, immature male (@ immature Common Eider S mollissima not safely excluded). Black Scoter / Amerikaanse Zee-eend Melanitta americana 31 January, Castricum, Noord-Holland, adult male (@ description incomplete and partly wrong, eg, bill shape). * Bufflehead / Buffelkopeend Bucephala albeola 25 February, Koarnwertersân (Kornwerderzand), Wûnseradiel, Friesland, female (@ description incomplete). Pallid Harrier / Steppekiekendief Circus macrourus 19 April, Kampereiland, Kampen, Overijssel, immature male (@ description incomplete, eg, underwing pattern); 10 May, Westerplas, Schiermonnikoog, Friesland, adult female (@ description incomplete). Golden Eagle / Steenarend Aquila chrysaetos 7 January, Ederheide, Ede, Gelderland, adult (@ description incomplete); 26 August, De Houtkamp, Leiderdorp, Zuid-Holland, adult (@ description incomplete). Booted Eagle / Dwergarend Hieraaetus pennatus 1 June, Rijswijk, Zuid-Holland, dark morph (@ description incomplete); 21 September, Praamweg, Lelystad, Flevoland, dark morph (@ poor description). Little Bustard / Kleine TrapTetrax tetrax 9 February, Heelsum, Renkum, Gelderland, two (@ poor description). * Spur-winged Lapwing / Sporenkievit Vanellus spinosus 27-31 October, Yerseke, Reimerswaal, Zeeland, adult (@ poor description). Laughing Gull / Lachmeeuw Larus atricilla25 January, Brouwersdam, Goedereede, Zuid-Holland, adult winter (@ description of a strange-looking gull incomplete for this species). Roseate Tern / Dougalls Stern Sterna dougallii 15 May, Scherpenissepolder, Tholen, Zeeland, adult (@ description incomplete). Eastern Common Tern / Oostelijke Visdief Sterna hirundo longipennis 7 July, Scherpenissepolder, Tholen, Zeeland, adult (@ description incomplete). Bridled Tern / Brilstern Sterna anaethetus 21 June, Camperduin, Bergen, Noord-Holland, adult (@ description incomplete, eg, head pattern insufficiently described; cf Groenewoud 2003). Grey-headed Woodpecker / Grijskopspecht Picus canus 18 January, Oude Tonge, Oostflakkee, Zuid-Holland, two, male and female (@ description incomplete); 31 May, Maastricht, Limburg, singing (@ poor description). Eurasian Crag Martin / Rotszwaluw Ptyonoprogne rupestris 7 September, Rottumerplaat, Eemsmond, Groningen (@ description incomplete, eg, no white tail markings noted). Black-headed Wagtail / Balkankwikstaart Motacilla feldegg 2 May, Banisveld, Boxtel, Noord-Brabant, first-summer male (@ records of this species can only be accepted if photographs or video recordings are available). Red-throated Thrush / Roodkeellijster Turdus ruficollis ruficollis 17 January, Harlingen, Friesland, photographed (@ photographs show unidentified thrush). River Warbler / KrekelzangerLocustella fluviatilis 15 August, Huis ter Heide, Loon op Zand, Noord-Brabant, singing (@ no description; only sound heard). Blyth's Reed Warbler / StruikrietzangerAcrocephalus dumetorum 8 August, Kampereiland, Kampen, Overijssel, ringed, photographed (@ photographs show European Reed Warbler A scirpaceus). Greenish Warbler / Grauwe Fitis Phylloscopus trochiloides 14-17 July, Naarden, Noord-Holland, adult (@ description partly wrong for this species). Hume's Leaf Warbler / Humes BladkoningPhylloscopus humei 14 December, Burgum (Bergum), Tytjerksteradiel, Friesland (@ description incomplete). Little Bunting / Dwerggors Emberiza pusilla 7 January, Kennemerduinen, Bloemendaal, Noord-Holland (@ description incomplete). Pallas's Reed Bunting / Pallas' Rietgors Emberiza pallasi 16 November, Norg, Noordenveld, Drenthe, first-winter or adult female (@ description incomplete). Black-headed Bunting / ZwartkopgorsEmberiza melanocephala 29 May, Katwijk aan Zee, Katwijk, Zuid-Holland, adult male, summer plumage (@ description incomplete); 1 August, Schellinkhout, Venhuizen, Noord-Holland, four, male and three juveniles (@ poor description).


Barrow's Goldeneye / IJslandse BrilduikerBucephala islandica 15 February, Prunjepolder, Schouwen-Duiveland, Zeeland, male (@ description incomplete; for acceptance, individuals of this species must be seen to be unringed). Booted Eagle / DwergarendHieraaetus pennatus 9 June, Hoofddorp, Haarlemmermeer, Noord-Holland, pale morph (description incomplete); 3 September, Deelensche Zand, Ede, Gelderland, pale morph (@ description incomplete). Lanner Falcon / Lannervalk Falco biarmicus 4 October, Oostvaardersplassen, Almere, Flevoland, adult male (@ description insufficient to exclude other large falcons including hybrids). Great Snipe / PoelsnipGallinago media 10 August, Alphen aan den Rijn, Zuid-Holland (@ description incomplete); 13 October, Noordlaarderbos, Haren, Groningen (@ description incomplete). Ross's Gull / Ross' Meeuw Rhodostethia rosea 23 April, Paal 9, Texel, Noord-Holland, first-winter (description incomplete). Yellow-billed Cuckoo / Geelsnavelkoekoek Coccyzus americanus, 7 October, De Slufter, Texel, Noord-Holland (@ description incomplete for a first record, eg, no rufous wing panel noted; possible escapes not safely excluded; cf Janssen 2002). Blyth's Pipit / Mongoolse Pieper Anthus godlewskii 12 November, De Cocksdorp, Texel, Noord-Holland, first-winter (description incomplete). Cetti's Warbler / Cetti's ZangerCettia cetti 28 November, Aalkeetbuitenpolder, Vlaardingen, Zuid-Holland (poor description). Greenish Warbler / Grauwe Fitis Phylloscopus trochiloides15-16 June, Delfgauw, Pijnacker, Zuid-Holland, singing (description incomplete). Hume's Leaf Warbler / Humes Bladkoning Phylloscopus humei 30 June, Tongeren, Epe, Gelderland, ringed, photographed (photographs show juvenile Firecrest Regulus ignicapilla; cf Barthel 2003). Siberian Chiffchaff / Siberische TjiftjafPhylloscopus collybita tristis 24 November, Eemshaven, Eemsmond, Groningen, ringed (description incomplete). Two-barred Crossbill / Witbandkruisbek Loxia leucoptera 24-25 September, Hoorn, Terschelling, Friesland, juvenile (wing-barred Common Crossbill L curvirostra not excluded). Parrot Crossbill / Grote Kruisbek Loxia pytyopsittacus 17-23 November, Zevenlindenweg, Baarn, Utrecht, adult female, photographed (@ large-billed Common Crossbill not excluded).


Greenland White-fronted Goose / Groenlandse Kolgans Anser albifrons flavirostris 15 December, Praamweg, Lelystad, Flevoland, neck ring read (insufficient description; inscriptions on neck ring (G/YE) not conclusive for this taxon); Black-browed Albatross / Wenkbrauwalbatros Thalassarche melanophris 20 July, Vlieland, Friesland, adult (single-observer report of a bird seen just too distantly to allow acceptance, cf Mensink 2001). Pallid Harrier / Steppekiekendief Circus macrourus 13 May, Paal 10, Schiermonnikoog, Friesland, adult female, photographed (description incomplete); 15 June, Maasvlakte, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, adult female (@ description incomplete). Long-legged Buzzard / Arendbuizerd Buteo rufinus 8 April, 't Harde, Elburg, Gelderland, adult (@ description incomplete for such a difficult-to-identify species); 17 August, Ooijpolder, Ubbergen, Gelderland (description incomplete to exclude Common Buzzard B buteo). Booted Eagle / Dwergarend Hieraaetus pennatus 21 August, Rolde, Aa en Hunze, Drenthe, pale morph, photographed (@ description incomplete). Baird's Sandpiper / Bairds Strandloper Calidris bairdii 22 September, Maasvlakte, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, adult-winter (description marginally incomplete; bird seen very briefly without the observers having the opportunity to take a critical second look). Eurasian Crag Martin / Rotszwaluw Ptyonoprogne rupestris 29 July, Hoogkerk, Groningen, Groningen, adult (single-observer report of a bird seen just too briefly to allow acceptance). Siberian Stonechat / Aziatische Roodborsttapuit Saxicola maurus 7 December, Alphen aan den Rijn, Zuid-Holland, first-winter (@ description incomplete). Lanceolated Warbler / Kleine Sprinkhaanzanger Locustella lanceolata 17 September, Korverskooi, Texel, Noord-Holland, ringed (insufficient documentation; almost no plumage description, only measurements given). House Crow / Huiskraai Corvus splendens 20 December, Waal en Burg, Texel, Noord-Holland, adult (description does not exclude hybrid Carrion x Hooded Crow C corone x cornix that are known to occur on the island). Thick-billed Spotted Nutcracker / Diksnavelnotenkraker Nucifraga caryocatactescaryocatactes 11 December into January 2003, Zeewolde, Flevoland, at least one, adult, photographed, videoed (Slender-billed Spotted Nutcracker N c macrorhynchos not excluded; cf Dutch Birding 24: 66, plate 54, 119, plate 106, 2002).


Baltic Gull / Baltische Mantelmeeuw Larus fuscus fuscus 29 April to 1 May, Steenwaard, Houten, Utrecht, subadult, photographed, videoed (rejected after review; only ringed birds of proven provenance are now considered acceptable; cf van den Berg & Bosman 2001, Plomp et al 2001; Dutch Birding 22: 177, plate 153, 2000). Black Guillemot / Zwarte Zeekoet Cepphus grylle 3 September, Scheveningen, Den Haag, Zuid-Holland (description incomplete). Siberian Chiffchaff / Siberische Tjiftjaf Phylloscopus collybita tristis 23 August, Tegelen, Venlo, Limburg, first-winter, ringed, photographed, videoed, retrapped 28 September 2001 (@ Northern Chiffchaff P c collybita not excluded).


Baltic Gull / Baltische Mantelmeeuw Larus fuscus fuscus 25 September, Sint Maartenszee, Zijpe, Noord-Holland, adult, photographed; 25 September, Camperduin, Bergen, Noord-Holland, adult, photographed; 10 October, Enschede, Overijssel, adult; 5-6 November, Reinderslooi, Papenbeek, Bergen, and 6 November, Klein Vink, Arcen en Velden, Limburg, third-calendar-year, photographed (all four rejected after review; only ringed birds of proven provenance are now considered acceptable). Blyth's Pipit / Mongoolse PieperAnthus godlewskii 4-5 November, Westkapelle, Veere, Zeeland, photographed (photographs show Richard's Pipit A richardi).


Baltic Gull / Baltische Mantelmeeuw Larus fuscus fuscus 1-2 May, Katwijk, Zuid-Holland, subadult, photographed, videoed (cf Plomp et al 1998; Dutch Birding 20: 138, plate 105, 1998); 27 August, Westkapelle, Zeeland; 27 September, Rutbekerveld, Enschede, Overijssel, first-summer (all three rejected after review; only ringed birds of proven provenance are now considered acceptable). Black-headed Bunting / Zwartkopgors Emberiza melanocephala 29 May, Kooiplaats, Schiermonnikoog, Friesland, male, videoed (@ video too blurry to determine species).


Black-browed Albatross / WenkbrauwalbatrosThalassarche melanophris 22 October, Camperduin, Bergen, Noord-Holland (@ description incomplete, eg, bill no described). Lesser Spotted Eagle / Schreeuwarend Aquila pomarina 18-19 August, Rammegors, Tholen, Zeeland, adult (@ poor description). Baillon's Crake / Kleinst Waterhoen Porzana pusilla 30 May, Blauwe Kamer, Rhenen, Utrecht, singing (@ reports, including a possible date extension like this one, can only be accepted if a sound-recording is available). Great Snipe / PoelsnipGallinago media 20 August, Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen, Zandvoort, Noord-Holland (@ poor description). European Roller / Scharrelaar Coracias garrulus, 17 May, Deurnesche Peel, Deurne, Noord-Brabant (@ description incomplete; other (escaped) Coracias species not safely excluded).


Greenland White-fronted Goose / Groenlandse Kolgans Anser albifrons flavirostris 21 February, Sint-Laurens, Veere, Zeeland, two, adult (@ description incomplete). Cetti's Warbler / Cetti's ZangerCettia cetti 22 October, Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen, Zandvoort, Noord-Holland (@ poor description of bird heard only).


Booted Eagle / Dwergarend Hieraaetus pennatus 24 April, Schiermonnikoog, Friesland, dark morph (@ after revision, the CDNA remains of the opinion that the description is incomplete). Iceland Gull / Kleine Burgemeester Larus glaucoides,/i> 6 November, Neeltje Jans, Veere, Zeeland, second-winter (@ leucistic European Herring Gull L argentatus not excluded).


Baltic Gull / Baltische Mantelmeeuw Larus fuscus fuscus 18 October, Schiermonnikoog, Friesland, adult, summer plumage, photographed (rejected after review; only ringed birds of proven provenance are now acceptable; cf van den Berg & Bosman 1999, Winters 1999; Dutch Birding 21: 23, plate 24, 1999).


Cattle Egret / Koereiger Bubulcus ibis27 September, Elst, Rhenen, Utrecht, two (@ poor description).


Greater Flamingo / Flamingo Phoenicopterus roseus 22 April, De Schorren, Texel, Noord-Holland (@ poor description).


Middle Spotted Woodpecker / Middelste Bonte Specht Dendrocopos medius c 20 March, Schweiberger Bosch, Wittem, Limburg, adult (@ description incomplete).


bonelli's warbler / bergfluiterPhylloscopus bonelli/ orientalis 23 April, Scheveningen, Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, photographed (@ photograph shows Wood Warbler P sibilatrix).


Eurasian Griffon Vulture / Vale Gier Gyps fulvus 9 September to 10 October, Harlingen, Friesland, photographed (@ poor photographs show unidentified vulture; possible escapes not excluded).


lesser golden plover / kleine goudplevierPluvialis dominica/fulva September, Zuidpier, IJmuiden, Velsen, Noord-Holland (photograph shows European Golden Plover P apricaria; Vogeljaarkalender 1972).


Black-headed Bunting / ZwartkopgorsEmberiza melanocephala 10-12 June, Schiermonnikoog, Friesland, male, photographed, also seen on 16 April 1972 and on at least 16 July 1973 (@ identification accepted but pale patches in plumage strongly indicate captive origin).


n the previous report (van der Vliet et al 2003), the CDNA declared the finder of two pelicans Pelecanus in the south-west of the Netherlands, Arie van den Berg, deceased. However, only a few days after publication, members of the CDNA talked to him through the telephone, proving that he was alive and well. The CDNA apologises to Arie, his family, his friends and his former colleagues for the inconvenience that this mistake has caused and wishes Arie all the best for the future.


We want to thank Jo van der Coelen and Roelf Hovinga for correcting some mistakes from previous reports. The CDNA wants to thank Dick Forsman, Jon Lehmberg, Magnus Robb, Lars Svensson and Magnus Ullman for their comments on some records. Jasper van Belle helped logistically. Justin Jansen kindly reviewed the text. Ruud Vlek helped to complete the list of references. Enno Ebels took care of the final editing of this report. Bobby Gillespie (and Primal Scream) is thanked for his inspiration during many nightly hours. Bram Rijksen kindly provided the drawing of the Audouin's Gull on p 359.


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