Dutch Birding jaargang 26 nummer 5, 2004


Dalmatian Pelican  ·  Pelecanus crispus
Bill Baston

Artikelen / papers

287 - 296 Bird counting in Iran in January 2004
Harvey van Diek, Rob Felix, Menno Hornman, Peter L Meininger, Frank Willems & Mark Zekhuis
297 - 300 Lachmeeuw in Nederland en Duitsland in 2000-02
Gert Ottens

Laughing Gull in the Netherlands and Germany in 2000-02

In July-August 2000, late October 2001 and early April 2002, an adult Laughing Gull Larus atricilla was observed at several inland sites in the eastern half of the Netherlands. The same bird was also present in a Black-headed Gull L ridibundus colony c 1 km across the border in Germany at Zwillbrocker Venn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, during the breeding seasons of 2001 and 2002. Here, the bird was ringed in June 2001 (right leg; tarsus: white colour ring, tibia: aluminium ring). These rings confirmed that the Dutch record of October 2001 concerned the same bird. Moreover, because of the (relative) proximity in both space and time, the Dutch rarities committee (CDNA) considers all records to relate to the same bird, which constitutes the third record for both Germany and the Netherlands. The extreme rarity of the species in mainland Europe and the fact that all observations of this individual were well inland have also been taken into account.

A case can also be made for the hypothesis that most records of Laughing Gulls in the North Sea area can be attributed to a small number of \'wandering\' birds. This is supported by the relatively high number of summer records of adult birds in north-western Europe. Now that the Dutch/German bird has been colour-ringed, repeat sightings may clarify this aspect of the species\' occurrence in Europe. The first Italian record in January-February 2004 of an adult bird with a metal ring on its right tibia might have concerned the same individual (assuming it had lost its colour ring, which happens occasionally in gulls).

Gert Ottens, Ganzebloem 14, 3984 CG Odijk, The Netherlands

301 - 304 Ruim 33 jaar oude Stormmeeuw in Groningen
Klaas van Dijk & Derick Hiemstra

Common Gull in Groningen more than 33 years old

Since 1988, a ringed Common Gull Larus canus canus has been regularly observed in and around the city of Groningen, Groningen, the Netherlands. The first observation was on 26 December 1988, followed by sightings in the winters of 1995/96, 1996/97, 2000/01, 2002/03 and 2003/04. So far, the last observation was on 25 March 2004. The bird, presumably a female, was ringed as a nestling on 24 June 1970 on Amager, Sjælland, Denmark, 33 years, nine months and one day before the last sighting. This recovery constitutes the oldest Common Gull for Europe. Other records of old Common Gulls are summarized and a brief comparison is made with longevity in other European gull species.

Klaas van Dijk, Vermeerstraat 48, 9718 SN Groningen, The Netherlands
Derick Hiemstra, Damsterwaard 9, 9734 CK Groningen, The Netherlands

305 - 313 Probable escapes in the Netherlands: part 2
Enno B Ebels


314 - 318 Spectacled Eider’s window of time
Arnoud B van den Berg

Recensies / reviews

319 - 324 Die Vogelstimmen Europas, Nordafrikas und Vorderasiens / The bird songs of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East - 819 birdkinds by Andreas Schulze
Magnus S Robb
325 The birds of Shetland by Mike Pennington, Kevin Osborne, Paul Harvey, Roger Riddington, Dave Okill, Pete Ellis & Martin Heubeck
Enno B Ebels
326 Birds of Belize by H Lee Jones
Vincent van der Spek

Aankondigingen & verzoeken

327 Rare Birds Weekly; Rare Birds Weekly

DBA nieuws

327 Waarnemingen van zeldzame vogels binnenkort op mobiele telefoon te ontvangen!

Masters of mystery

328 - 332 Solutions of fourth round 2004: Booted Warbler and Red-throated Pipit; Fifth round 2004
Rob S A van Bemmelen & Dick Groenendijk

WP reports

333 - 343 Late July-early September 2004
Arnoud B van den Berg

Recente meldingen / recent reports

344 - 351 Nederland: juli-augustus 2004
Ruud M van Dongen, Klaas Haas & Peter W W de Rouw
352 - 355 België: juli-augustus 2004
Gerald Driessens

DB actueel

356 - 358 New species of rail; Marmereend bij Pannerden [MARBLED DUCK]; Franklins Meeuw bij Blauwe Kamer [FRANKLIN’S GULL]