Teneriferoodborst · 18-02-2017 · Gran Canaria - El Juncal · Daan Drukker

Rubén Barone  ·  1 januari 2023  23:00


Nice recording. 

The Robins of Gran Canaria belong to the species Erithacus marionae and not to E. superbus. This last one is endemic to Tenerife. 

Best regards. 

Daan Drukker  ·  2 januari 2023  08:36, gewijzigd 2 januari 2023  08:39

Thanks Rubén, and yes indeed this is marionae, but unfortunately the list did not let me select that option. I suspect that is because according to CSNA, it is considered as the subspecies E. superbus marionae? Or does the "Geluidengallerij" follow IOC taxonomy?

Arnoud B van den Berg  ·  2 januari 2023  22:22

From 01-01-23, CSNA have superbus and marionae as species too.

Rubén Barone  ·  3 januari 2023  21:37

Hi again.

It's true that until very recently the IOC list didn't include E. rubecula and E. marionae as full, valid species, but the paper with the proposal of the split is very recent. In the Biota project of the Canary Government, we have considered both species. 

Best regards. 

Wietze Janse  ·  3 januari 2023  21:48

Geluidengallerij is following IOC, so you can also upload species outside WP. 

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