Birds of Mongolia

Max Berlijn  ·  11 oktober 2019  04:52

James weet jij wat er gebeurt is met dit boek? Volgens mij is het nooit echt verschenen. Axel Braunlich was voor mij altijd DE man voor info over Mongolië maar ik zie nergens zijn spoor in dit boek?

James Lidster  ·  11 oktober 2019  07:40

Dat is hetzelfde boek Max, alleen door ruzie, onenigheid etc wilde ze Axel niet meer gebruiken. Heel jammer en nu staat ie alleen in het dankwoord. 

Sybrand de Bruin  ·  11 oktober 2019  07:54

In the 'literature' in this book, as well as in the introduction(s), the two-parts book by Echcecopar & Hue (1983) on China, Corea and Mongolia is never mentioned. Perhaps it is because the book(s) are in French, perhaps for other reasons. I think the books, though never having visited Mongolia, are quite worthwhile to 'have' if you are interested in the area.

I quite 'like' the new guide to Mongolia, but perhaps should have waited for the other one that's going to be published 'soon', having read the above mentioned points by James Lidster.

James Lidster  ·  11 oktober 2019  10:01

The next field guide will be interesting, the plates probably not as good as the Helm guide, but maybe the text will be more thorough and up to date. 

Sander Bruylants  ·  11 oktober 2019  20:36

Here you can compare plates between both books. The page with parrotbills and bearded reedling can be found in both previews.

Wether you like plates or not is a bit subjective, but I like the ones in the second book, especially the addition of the lines pointing towards the described character.

James Lidster  ·  27 oktober 2019  00:24

I have now had the chance to look at both books, and the Helm guide (despite all its faults) is still much better than the 2nd field guide

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