Birds of Iran - An annotated checklist of the species and subspecies

Marcel Haas  ·  14 augustus 2018  10:19, gewijzigd 14 augustus 2018  10:51

Nice review Lukasz! Very interesting and thorough book it seems.

I have emailed the publisher to have the book shipped to the Netherlands and it turns out to cost € 105 (€ 85 for the book itself and € 20 for P&P)... Way too expensive for me!

Maybe Kees is able to arrange something to distribute the book in Europe?

I have had a further reply from the publisher and they are looking into reducing the cost. They will keep me informed.

Lukasz Lawicki  ·  14 augustus 2018  11:45

Thanks Marcel. Yes, a very useful book! Indeed, the price is high! I was lucky and received it for free for a review :-)

Johan van 't Bosch  ·  14 augustus 2018  14:36

Thank you for this review, Lukaz! Is the price the same for Iranians living in Iran?

Lukasz Lawicki  ·  14 augustus 2018  14:47

Unfortunately, I have no idea!

C.S. Roselaar  ·  14 augustus 2018  19:28

Er is een nog veel mooier handboek over Iran: Kaboli, M., M. Aliabadian, M. Tohidifar, A. Hashemi, S.B. Musavi & C.S. Roselaar (2016) Atlas of Birds of Iran. Dept of Environment/Univ. Tehran, 624 pp. Met 1 soort per bladzij en met tekst (bilingual), verspreidingskaartjes en foto's voor elke soort (maar geen taxonomie), dik A4-formaat (gelijk formaat als proefschrift Justin). Is helemaal niet te krijgen in Europa, hoewel er zeker markt voor zou zijn. Ik heb er met enige moeite 1 thuis gekregen en 1 aan bieb Naturalis geschonken. De hierboven beschreven Checklist heb ik zelfs nog helemaal niet gezien (wel natuurlijk diverse elektronische  tekst-versies, meest aparte stukjes voor een of enkele soorten, maar zonder foto's).

Kees Roselaar

Lukasz Lawicki  ·  14 augustus 2018  20:41

Maybe the Atlas is available at least as a PDF? The main question is: why books about Iranian birds (in English!) are not available on the European market?! Without a doubt, the interest among WP birders would be considerable!

Rubén Barone  ·  14 augustus 2018  21:28


Very nice book and review.

It seems a monograph with a similar format to the famous series of BOU Checklists (in English), which covers many countries of the world.

Best regards. 

Eduard Sangster  ·  16 augustus 2018  19:41

Iran is 'hot' door de 'nieuwe' WP grenzen. Er zijn twee goede boeken over het land, maar die zijn niet te krijgen. Iran speelt 'hard to get'! 

@Kees, kan jij met je Iraanse connecties niet wat regelen, ism Veldshop of zo?

Lukasz Lawicki  ·  17 augustus 2018  11:59

I got information that the 'Atlas of birds of Iran' was published in low number, and the Department of the Environment sells this book together with other books on mammals, fishes, reptiles and amphibians of Iran in one pack as a set. Therefore, it is probably not possible to buy this book as a single volume.

Lukasz Lawicki  ·  18 augustus 2018  19:17

An update of the taxa removed from the Iranian and WP (sensu Dutch Birding) list (based on a book 'Birds of Iran'):

Eastern Goldfinch Carduelis (carduelis) caniceps

'It is unlikely that the small darkish Himalayan subspecies caniceps ever occurs in Iran, and it is assumed that earlier references to this form (Kaboli et al. 2016- p 534, Nikolsky 1886, Porter & Aspinall 2010, Scott & Adhami 2006, Shestoperov 1927- p 371, Zarudny 1903- p 253, 1911- p 215) refer to C. c. paropanisi of the caniceps group of subspecies and not to C. c. caniceps.'

See also on pages 385-388 in Vol. 2 of the HWPB (Shirihai & Svensson 2018).

Norman Deans van Swelm  ·  20 augustus 2018  21:21, gewijzigd 24 augustus 2018  21:35

How does the book treat the Persian Dunnock?

Lukasz Lawicki  ·  22 augustus 2018  09:32

The only subspecies in Iran.

Prunella modularis obscura (Hablizl, 1783)

Global range: northeastern Turkey, the Caucasus and northern Iran

Type locality: Samamisian Alps [= Javaher Dasht], Gilan.

Remarks: The form known to occur in Iran (Vaurie 1959). Several other forms occur in Europe east to northern Turkey.

Museum specimens: There are several specimens in AMNH, BMNH, FMNH, MCZ, NHMTashkent, SMNS, UMMZ and ZMB.

Norman Deans van Swelm  ·  23 augustus 2018  23:00

Thank you Lukasz, does the book include photo's of the Persian Dunnock?

Regards, Norman

Lukasz Lawicki  ·  24 augustus 2018  16:58

unfortunately not

Norman Deans van Swelm  ·  24 augustus 2018  21:42

Pity, then it seems there is only one picture from Iran, see page 215  in the HBWP part 1 and these:

Peter Los  ·  25 augustus 2018  09:02

Ook contact opgenomen met de publisher , dhr Amir Bakhtiyari . De kosten voor dit boek bedragen inmiddels 50 euro en 15 euro verzendkosten .   

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Marcel Haas  ·  20 juli 2019  14:44

If you search the internet you can obtain a PDF-file of the book ;) (without photographs etc but the complete text is available)

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