Gulls of the World: A Photographic Guide

Sander Bot  ·  9 januari 2018  16:18

Book still has to be published though, in stores in February.

Max Berlijn  ·  9 januari 2018  22:28


Sander Bot  ·  10 januari 2018  09:44

Ik heb hem toegevoegd aan de shop van de banner bovenaan, daar is ie dus alvast te bestellen.

Janneke Kimstra  ·  18 januari 2018  09:37

Even I, a self confessed Laro-numbty (every not-blackheaded gull is a seagull...) feel the need to own this book... That must say something for it.

C. Kraaijeveld  ·  24 januari 2018  18:37

Wachten op deze editie of is oude ook goed genoeg?

Sander Bot  ·  7 februari 2018  14:56

Dag C. Kraaijeveld, het boek is inmiddels uit en verkrijgbaar. Dit is de eerste editie van het boek, er is geen oude editie. Het eerdere boek van Olsen ging alleen over de meeuwen van het noordelijk halfrond, deze editie is voor de hele wereld, zie de review hierboven voor meer details.

Peter Adriaens  ·  8 maart 2018  23:09

Hi Yoav,

I received the book yesterday.

Overall, I think it is great but unlike you I am finding quite a few errors in identification and ageing, unfortunately...

I am working on a thorough review together with Amar Ayyash.

Peter Adriaens  ·  19 juli 2018  19:04, gewijzigd 19 juli 2018  19:04

Full review now on ABA website:

The list of errors can be found here:

Norman Deans van Swelm  ·  15 september 2018  18:11

Like Yoav Perlman  I feel it is a pity the publisher decided not to include Hans Larsson's illustrations. I am convinced he would have at least partly filled the gap in Yellow-legged Gull ID the book does not show. See here:'s/02-the%20id%20of%20the%20yell-leggd%20gulls%20-%20body.htm  

I hope Klaus Malling Olsen will be allowed to improve the Yellow-legged Gull section in a next publication. I don't blame him, it is after all an extremely complicated affair. He could then take the opportunity to correct a structural error in many recent publications i.e. to name the Azorean Atlantic Gull L.atlantis instead of L. michahellis.

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