European Walking Big Day record: 176 bird species in one day by just walking

Arjan Dwarshuis  ·  25 december 2017  12:17

very cool! impressive effort!

Gijsbert van der Bent  ·  25 december 2017  21:55

Keep on walking!

Julian Bosch  ·  26 december 2017  10:31, gewijzigd 26 december 2017  10:33

Impressive performance! Although I visit the Empordà region annually in July/August, I still have not seen a few of the species you mention in your report (vagrants excluded). Is the complete list online somewhere?

Folkert Jan Hoogstra  ·  26 december 2017  17:00

Really cool!

Thanx for sharing. :)

Redmar Woudstra  ·  28 december 2017  18:40

Well done! Could there be another location or country where this total could be even higher? In the WP I am thinking of Israël, Morocco or Turkey, but in Europe I think it should be Spain. Might there be some spot in the south of the country that could give even more?

Deli Saavedra  ·  29 december 2017  09:49

Hi Redmar, thanks for your comment and yes, we have been thinking a lot where in Europe to score higher ... but I think it can difficult, especially because you cannot cover more than let's say 60 kms in one day, therefore you need areas where the high mountains and the lowlands (wetlands, sea) are close by. Maybe Southern Spain, Andalucia for example, could be a candidate. The only way is by testing it! ;) Best!

Dušan Brinkhuizen  ·  29 december 2017  15:18

Excellent record! And the best part: no motorised transport... need to do this myself one day. Can the legendary record of Ted Parker & Scott Robinson be broken?

Redmar Woudstra  ·  29 december 2017  15:30, gewijzigd 29 december 2017  15:30

I guess that in the Neotropics you can get a lot more by walking down the Andes! Eastern Ecuador is the place to be I guess, or Manu road?

What's the Ted Parker record?


Good luck, I might not be the one to test that, as I never walked more than 30k a day ;)

Dušan Brinkhuizen  ·  29 december 2017  16:02

Ted Parker's total was 331 species: all by foot and paddled canoe at Cocha Cashu Station, Manu lowlands, Peru in Sept 1982.

Manu road would be great for a bicycle big day... very long walk otherwise. 

Wouter de Quant  ·  8 januari 2018  19:10

Great story. I love the green angle.

If you go to an exotic location to beat this record you have to travell and pollute. That nullifies the idea of doing a green birding day. You can't beat a green record if you pollute to get there in the first place.

Gary Brian Prescott  ·  13 januari 2018  20:48

What a fantastic achievement and brilliant to see Ponc in the team. Massive congratulations to the whole team. Spread the news that Green Birding is the best way to see birds!

Gary Brian Prescott  ·  13 januari 2018  20:52

By the way Dusan, this year I will be cycling down the Manu Road. There is no way I could ever conceive of beating, or even approaching Ted Parker and Scott's immense record but knowing how fabulous the Manu Road is from top to bottom from previous birding time there, I know the adventure is going to be amazing.

Meanwhile Ponc . . .  where can we meet up for a day's birding? It would be so wonderful to meet you in person. 

Happy New Year everyone.

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