Birds of New Guinea. Including Bismarck Archipelago and Bougainville

Jan Hein van Steenis  ·  18 juli 2017  10:50

I have both the old and new Pratt & Beehler and was actually rather disappointed with the new one. The BoPs lacked some of the "glamour" from the old version, maybe in part just because of the smaller size. Dutson is not the most attractive book – the plates in the non-field guide Birds of Melanesia by Mayr are much nicer – so I am happy there is an alternative for the Bismarcks and Bougainville.

Gijsbert van der Bent  ·  20 juli 2017  18:02

460 endemen? Op een stukje van 800.000 vierkante kilometer. Dat geloof je toch niet. Hoeveel endemen heeft Europa (10 miljoen vierkante kilometer) dan eigenlijk?

Gijsbert van der Bent  ·  21 juli 2017  17:33

Ja ja, appels en peren. Ik weet het.

John van der Woude  ·  8 augustus 2017  18:03

I have made a quick one-page alphabetical index for this field guide. You can download it at It fits in the book.

Vincent van der Spek  ·  10 augustus 2017  11:07

Nice one, John!

Jurgen van der Meer  ·  1 september 2017  10:27

Visiting the Raja Ampat Islands in West Papua I brought both books. I find P&B more useful for this region since the description and maps are more detailed (the mentioning of specific islands in the distribution/slightly better visible maps). For ID the Gregory book is better in the subspecies, although I found that Varied Honeyeater is much more yellow on Gam (like ss versicolor instead of the ss sonoroides which is the ss present on that island).

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